country rain

Friday 24 August 2007 8 responses

the city rain
grows a smile
under my umbrella
bustled CEOs
with three dollar bargain protection
from the wind
walking so fast
and i, four paces behind
on purpose

suburban children
sitting by windowsills
running the list of
rainy day activities
searching the skies
for a chance to
go out and play again
or children
desperate to pounce in puddles
on purpose

but the country rain
best by far
cuddled on a porch swing
under a blanket
watching the storm
casts your soul
on a one way trip
bound for hush
draws sleepy contentment
to your eyes
makes you thankful
creates desire
to stop time
on purpose

country rain
soft and slow
fast and flooding
anger with lightning
to bear you closer
strip you down
on purpose

i enjoy city rain
and how it exposes true personalities
i cannot belie suburban rain
or the hopefulness it brings
the joy on the child's face
spinning and playing
but the country rain
has captured my soul
and I will fail to reclaim it
on purpose

© Danielle Romanick


Danielle is an aspiring poet and has been from a very young age. She enjoys writing and is constantly looking for a way to grow and change as a poet. She enjoys the many experiences she gets out of being an artist, an amateur photographer and a tattoo designer. Danielle currently works as a paralegal in NYC, not to become a lawyer, but rather to work with great people. (and the money doesn't hurt) She is planning on returning to school for her doctorate next fall in Psychology. Right now Danielle is enjoying the people she meets and the friends she makes through the on-line blogging communities and visits to poetry clubs.

If you would like to view more of Danielle's poetry, please visit : Not My Year

8 responses: to “ country rain so far...

  • Kim 24.8.07

    thanks for contributing this lovely poem Danielle......
    you have depicted such a contrast with the city rain to the country rain.....
    your country rain brought back many many idyllic moments of when I was growing up and time spent in the country.....

  • Danielle 25.8.07

    Thanks so much Kim ... its an honor to be on your site!

  • Anonymous 26.8.07

    Very beautiful poem filled with thoughtfulness.

    An intriguing read of thoughts flowing like sheets in the wind hung to dry in the spring breezes fluttering through new leaves.

    Thanks for sharing Danielle Romanick.

  • Kim 26.8.07

    Thanks for your visit Boyd..... and for your really creative response.... :)

  • Anonymous 27.8.07

    what a beautiful poem - thanks for sharing!

    Wishing you a great week ahead:-)

  • Anonymous 29.8.07

    What an awesome poem by Danielle.
    It conveys so much about how the rain can affect us and our thoughts can wander with the flow of words.

  • Kim 30.8.07

    thanks Renny
    hope your week has been fine :)

    I agree Colin.....
    thanks for your opinion..... :)

  • Danielle 31.8.07

    thanks for all of your wonderful comments. You all make me so happy :)