Road of legacy

Monday, 4 February 2008 4 responses

I walked down a road, a path
to discovers my roots, my plans,
my own soul.

I look around to see others peoples
with others dreams in their hearts.
Some to befriend me, others
to teach me and others yet to

The past, the present and future,
have no meaning here, time
stopped and space vaste.
Looking for answers to understand myself and the world around me.

I may never get the answers that I seek but I know this, this path I take, I leave behind seed of my life so one day they will grow to be trees of knowleged and give people renewed strengh to seek out their dream.

That is the legacy I leave behind, HOPE and COURAGE.

© fortinjack77

4 responses: to “ Road of legacy so far...

  • Anonymous 4.2.08

    This strikes me close as I think I am on a similar journey..

  • Kim 4.2.08

    hi Robert
    thanks for calling by ...
    I think this poem shows that we are all looking for own personal road...and the journey here is an inspirational one...

  • Anonymous 13.2.08

    this is purely artistic.the writer was surely in deep is definitely inspirational.i have a blog on artistic pics.hope you like it because both are pure art.

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  • Anonymous 18.2.08

    Thank you, this was inspired by
    a walk in a park, as I walk,
    I thought of my friends I had
    and those I've lost.

    How they helped me be a better
    person and how I can pass on
    that heart and spirit along
    to others.