The Reason Why

Friday 8 February 2008 0 responses

It's more than passion..

The melting of two bodies..

Bonding to become one..

It's the site of her..

Standing with wry smile..

Eyes lit with a twinkle..

It's the sound of her stirring..

In the back ground with a hum..

Of her favorite song...

It's the scent of her...

that whiff of woman and perfume..

When you come in the door...

It's the look of concentration..

She has with eyebrows bent..

A touch of her hand given with out thought..

It's all of this and more...

That stirs your heart and moves the soul...

© Robert @ Poetry by The Redneck Gypsy

....gritty old Canadian redneck truck driver
You can read more of Robert's Poems, Verse and thoughts from 30 plus years on the highways..@ Poetry by The Redneck Gypsy

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