Using OpenID for Blogger Comments.

Wednesday 5 December 2007 9 responses

Blogger Freedom « phydeaux3

I will be launching this at laketrees and PoeARTica some time today.
Information to get your Open ID HERE:
Using OpenID for Blogger Comments. Blogger Freedom « phydeaux3

and here:

OpenID, the Oxymoron of Google commenting?

Update for WordPress Bloggers
you need to go to your WordPress on OpenID tab and add the site that you are visiting to your trusted sites
eg to comment here you would need to add
ps don't forget to refresh my site before you comment here ....
best of luck !!!

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9 responses: to “ Using OpenID for Blogger Comments. so far...

  • Anonymous 5.12.07

    testing with wordpress

  • Anonymous 5.12.07

    test 2 using WP

  • Anonymous 7.12.07

    Hi Kim
    I think I have got my OpenID linked to my blog now - I did a test on the blogger in draft page.

    This is actually better for me as my Google account links to my old blog profile.

  • Anonymous 7.12.07

    Oops I should have signed in using the down box rather than by nickname. I will try once more - please feel free to delete these comments :-)

  • Anonymous 7.12.07

    Oh dear - now my name is www. I wonder if I can solve that problem to show my nickname!

  • Kim 7.12.07

    ok Sue ...
    I am coming over to check my id with you :)

  • Anonymous 8.12.07

    Your name in the comment you made links directly to your blog, rather than your profile. That is much better isn't it.

    It is only blogs that have the OpenID tab - not if you use Wordpress on your own domain.

  • Anonymous 8.12.07

    hmmmm....this is starting to make my head spin....still working on how to get my openid to work in other blogspot blogs grrrrr

  • Anonymous 8.12.07

    ok that worked...
    now I just have to remember what I did....eek !!!