End-of-year Christmas-Cheer

Thursday 20 December 2007 6 responses

Christmas Card by Lisa Lorenz

I would like to wish all my readers here at PoeARTica
a Peaceful...Safe... Happy Christmas
and New Year....

Painting and Christmas Card by Lisa Lorenz

A list of some of the things that I will be doing over the Christmas and New Year Period...

21st December...announcing the Winner of
The Win a Free Portrait for Christmas at laketrees

25th December.......Christmas Day with Family at my Mum's house ...

31st December ....Combined 18th Birthday Party for Alexander (my son) and New Years Eve Celebration (watching the local city fireworks from our balcony)

going to see...
Tracing the Meridian: the drawings of William Dobell
Tracing the Meridian: the drawings of William Dobell includes previously unseen artist's sketchbooks, archival photographs and selected works from private loan and the Newcastle Region Art Gallery's considerable holdings of Newcastle's most famous artist.
Location: Newcastle Region Art Gallery Dates: 15 December to 10 February 2008
For further information check out the Newcastle Region Art Gallery's web page.

Sometime in between ...

Featuring more poetry
and a Christmas poem or two by our contributors?? (hint hint)
completing the Africa Painting
Updating the 101 Top Artists' Blogs List for December 2007

What do you have planned?

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Renny Lynda

6 responses: to “ End-of-year Christmas-Cheer so far...

  • Anonymous 15.12.07

    Thanks for keeping us posted. Sounds like you'll have a good one and I wish you a lovely Holiday!

    Thanks for asking:
    24.12. Christmas Eve when we have our traditional Norwegian Yule dish and then open the presents.
    25.12. At my parents house, our Christmas Day Smorgasboard
    31.12. Launching New Year’s Fireworks

  • Kim 15.12.07

    ahhh Renny sounds like you shall have a busy fun filled time...
    thanks for the links to your festivities....
    I'll be sure to check them out :)
    wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday too :=X

  • Lynda Lehmann 17.12.07

    Hi Kim,

    My husband and I are escaping this wintery blast by heading off to my sister's house in Arizona, where we're always eager to take our walks in the dessert, looking at the flora and fauna. We've seen wild boars, coyote, wild horses, partridges (I think that's what they are) and loads of other wildlife. The only one I DON"T want to see is a rattlesnake, hehe, but they're usually asleep this time of year.

    Our daughter is meeting us out there, so it'll be great to spend some time with her, as well.

    I probably won't be posting or commenting very much for awhile, especially as I'm still getting ready for my painting show.

    Have a wonderful time with your family, the fireworks, Alex's birthday, etc. How great to watch the fireworks from your balcony!

    Wishing you blessings....

  • Kim 17.12.07

    Your Christmas plans sound wonderful Lynda !!!
    I hope you don't come across those rattlesnakes haha.....

    Have a wonderful time with your daughter :)

    I'm sure you will come back with some fab photos :)

    hope all is going smoothly with your exhibition preparation....and I wish you and your family ...a happy....peaceful... "warm" ...and safe Christmas and New Year...
    love Kim :=X

  • Lisa Lorenz 20.12.07

    Hey my dear Kim! Back from snow Canada! Was a great trip. The house is ours ! Yahoo.

    Was a real treat to see my painting there and card on your lovely blog. Love that fish statue of yours!

    Wishing you a great Christmas with your lovely family.

    Andreas and I will be here in CPH for Xmas...a cosy one just the two of us! Running to the store now to get all the food I need for the holidays, before they run out! LOL. hugs and kisses Lisa

  • Kim 20.12.07

    oh big congratulations to you both....Lisa
    I'm so happy that you have settled...and I'm sure the time will fly and in no time you will be putting your wonderful paintings up in your new house...
    thankyou so much for your beautiful card ....
    I have had many wonderful compliments on it ....
    I wish you and Andreas the happiest of Christmases.....
    and all our love XXXXXXX0000000
    Kim...D....A & C