Christmas Morning

Thursday, 20 December 2007 0 responses

The children will be awake soon
the brokenhearted father stated
how disappointed they will be
what shall we say..what can we do?
not too worry husband not too worry

the their eagerness for Christmas
slept in the same bed...giggled and smiled
they knew not too expect much
knew they may not be getting anything at all
but they had each other..and loving parents
and after all it was Christmas...and there was snow

as they tip toed down the stairs looking in awe at the tree
they laughed and in amazement saw there were gifts
gifts wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine
with their names on them..Santa did come..even for them
they received apples and an orange mittens and
knitted hats..and a beautiful sled...newly painted and theirs
it was the best Christmas ever..and father gave mom a new scarf
had there ever been such a wonderful day?

The Christmas Eve party had just ended at the penthouse
Father locked the bedroom door behind him
Mother said the twins would be up to see if Santa came
well they had better not disturb me father stated
I will try and keep them quiet dear, you just rest Mother said
and quietly closed the door just as she heard the twins slamming theirs

Why there is hardly anything here,,they shouted in loud angry voices
Last year we got twice as's not even worth getting up
clothes, you know we hate clothes..but they are jerseys for your favorite teams
with seasons tickets and footballs and soccer balls, and baseballs just as you asked for
but not for Christmas..we wanted something good for Christmas..something different
had there ever been such a horrible day...they got cheated..they never had a good Christmas


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