Snow Flake

Monday 24 December 2007 3 responses

You smile with the smile of one thousand stars
You laugh with the laugh of one thousand children
It is Christmas you know and the moment is bright
The time to give joy, the time to give light.
You catch little wonders with rosy hands
They melt in your palms: the tears of one thousand angels.
They fill up your heart with unsaid prayers
They open your eyes to the wonder of living.
So let your life shine and let your heart sing
The song of one thousand cherubs
And be your true self, for life is worth living
And let it be Christmas with every breath you take.

© Mihaela Lica

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3 responses: to “ Snow Flake so far...

  • DubLiMan 26.12.07

    Merry Christmas! Come on by and collect your gifts.

  • Anonymous 27.12.07

    Beautiful Mig
    I think these aspects of Christmas should be part of life every day of the year :-)

  • Kim 29.12.07

    thanks Mel !!!
    very generous of you !!!

    I agree Sue..
    A lovely poem..that highlights the spirit of Christmas perfectly :)