When is a Review not a Review?????

Monday, 1 October 2007 18 responses

I came across this when checking my authority at Technorati.....
Obviously from someone who regards himself as an expert on web design.....and hasn't really bothered to look beyond the front page at PoeARTica!!!!!
Otherwise he would have read the contributor's poems and the work of a published Poet....
perhaps a thoughtful analysis of the poetry here rather than deriding the look of my blog would have been more in order..... or perhaps a few tips on blog design......
I would love to get your opinions on this.......

"PoeARTica: Is It Poetry Or Is It Vanity?"
28 September 2007, the poet @ 11:12 pm
This is an interesting twist on the poetry blog. Ask your readers to submit titles to your poems. In exchange, you’ll link back to their blog or website.
Of course, I could say ugly things about the blog design, but why should I? I’m not a big fan of Blogspot blogs, but then I’ve met some Blogspot bloggers who say they’re not a big fan of WordPress. I wouldn’t blog with anything but WordPress.
I am rather curious though about poets who use their blogs to self-publish their poetry. Do they seek publication elsewhere? Do they get published elsewhere? Is this a type of vanity publishing?

oh well it's good to know that PoeARTica has had more favourable reviews....

Comments & Reviews

BoydGreeneArt Said:
A super site from one overflowing with creative talent and a passion to explore the world.

Theresa Hall Said:
The name of your web log is very artsy and clever. I love the way it looks. What a good idea to be a host for other's poetry. A very noble way to contribute to the cyberspace community. Like a small tavern with red brick walls where we can go down the stairs, sit at round tables, drink some wine and listen (read) the poets in your spotlight. Very creative.

Tony Cleator Said:

Just Me Said:
I'm fanatic about short load times, so when I recommend a site that requires patience, I really mean it's worth the wait.
Kim has a wonderful site, a great place to spend some time--and some thought

Deborah Petersen Said:
Inspirational poetry and writings at its best!

Billy Warhol Said:
Fantastic Poetry + i luvv the Audience Particapation!!
Nice job laketrees!!!

thanks so much for the rose Rose Des Rochers
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  • Diane 1.10.07

    He obviously hasn't heard the saying ...'If you haven't got anything nice to say...don't say anything at all' which my mother is particularly fond of.

    It is stupid to criticise a blog without exploring it properly and even then, I don't see what is gained by being gratuitously rude to someone.

    I think blogging should be a positive experience - if you come across something you don't like - just move on.

    I think he is a minority of one, Kim, you have many, many loyal fans. 'The poet' is just jealous!

  • Kim 1.10.07

    thanks Ms LALA :X)
    he obviously hasn't heard that saying..... my Mum's fond of it too...
    I've just added the more favourable reviews at the bottom of the post......
    and you're right blogging should be a positive experience...

    30 degrees here today ...so I got a bit hot under the collar when I came across this today....

  • Anonymous 1.10.07

    Well, I wouldn't call that a review actually. More a wondering. Sort of.

    I've stumbled upon several sites that offering blog reviews that I actually think is none professional and not even good in a personal point of view/opinion.

    It's like all they want to do is to criticize - and in a very bad way. No objective facts, no details that is seriously considered, well, then I don't count it as a proper review at all.

    Give us constructive criticism and we're able to take it like a man/woman, don't you agree?

    You had a good unique idea there when you let the readers interact with your blog, keep that!

    One thing that often shows in that kind of negative response, is some kind of enviousness.

    So what I'm saying is:

    - Take it as a compliment :-)

  • Anonymous 1.10.07

    Sweetie, just ignore him. Apparently he is really bored and needs a kind of a life, or attention, or... whatever. I've got a similar review too... from someone who missed out the point of an article I wrote. Well, at least they gave a free link and sent traffic to our sites. I see this as positive buzz. LOL.

  • Kim 1.10.07

    thanks Captain :)
    yeah I don't know if you could call it a review ...as you say...as there is no constuctive criticism at all.....it's a bit like a general whinge in fact....
    I wonder if he was having a bad day :D...or maybe he thought he was being witty.. :0

  • Kim 1.10.07

    haha Mig :D
    you're absolutely right....oh and I forgot to link back to his post.... oh dear....:0
    yes I think a life is in order....
    or perhaps more fans at Technorati.....

  • Anonymous 2.10.07

    A review is a review and he gave his although his was more along the lines of his need to publically masturbate, if you ask me.

    Have you met this, uhm, man before somewhere? Geesh, I thought I had problems with some attention seekers lately but this dude has taken the cake and is enjoying himself smearing it all over enjoying the mess that he's trying to make.

    Apparently, he's not a very happy camper but that's his problem, not yours.

  • Debbie Dolphin 2.10.07

    Absolutely bizarre review! How does a Blogspot versus a Wordpress Blog service make a difference in reviewing your Poetry Blog or any Blog? That topic should be discussed in a Blog design forum. Since the alleged reviewer brought it up, a Blog Service is not responsible for a great or poor Blog design.

    I never seen a reviewer ask so many questions and publish vague innuendoes.
    Perhaps, the Reviewer should learn the fine art of constructive criticism and helpful recommendations in a private manner than expressing his anger in the public media.

    Maybe, he will be censored by the Blogger Police?

  • Lynda Lehmann 2.10.07

    PLEASE ignore negative people with a negative agenda. Brush their derision aside like dust under a rug...

    And who would compete over blog-host superiority, anyway???

    Wishing you encouragement... :-)

  • Kim 2.10.07

    hmmmmmmm MA.....
    I don't know this person from a bar of soap..............
    seems to me that I wouldn't want to......
    and you're right...he is definitely NOT a happy camper LOL
    perhaps we should join forces and and give him an award for....um let me see ...I'll have to think on that .... :D

    oooooooo Debbie
    are there really blogger police???
    I suppose I could report it to the elf police over at Santa's place.....
    thanks for your thoughtful comments....they are much appreciated.. :)

    thanks for your advice Lynda....
    you're right......negative people aren't worth worrying about.....thanks for your encouragement :)

  • Anonymous 2.10.07

    In his header, he has,
    "Building up poets, tearing down walls."

    How assinine and contradictive is this when he is clearly unable to distinguish his words from his actions?

    He's nothing to take very seriously, Kim. He has no experience with writing reviews. He's begging for blog traffic. Gee, I wonder why.

  • Anonymous 2.10.07

    Kim I would not worry too much about it. If you have been keeping up with my blog at all you will see this happen to me too recently.

  • Kim 2.10.07

    haha MA...
    you have hit the nail on the head.....'Building up walls and tearing down poets " would be more appropriate....not that I have ever professed to be a poet....:0

    thanks for the Rose ...Rose....I have been so caught up with my portrait competition....and I have been meaning to pop over your way....
    thanks for dropping by.. :)

  • Loz 2.10.07

    Of course there's an element of vanity in blogging. I agree with Diane that the reader has the ultimate say in whether they like something or not. It's pretty simple, if you don't like it don't go back.

  • Kim 2.10.07

    hi Loz
    thanks for your opinion.....:)
    and so true....
    BTW....congratulations to all of you Victorians........on the Storm winning the Grand Final......:D

  • Anonymous 2.10.07

    Kim, I can't believe anyone would not love your blog. I'm a little jealous!:) It is a real nice design. I would tell you too if I didn't like it.

    I'm thankful you share your poems. I used to have a girlfriend that was half German half Greek and she read poetry to me all the time. The good Ole days!

    Keep up the good work! If it helps, I've been criticized all my life and it has helped a lot though it hurt a lot too!:)

    My fiancée couldn't believe it either. She didn't see what I wrote above!:)

  • Kim 2.10.07

    oh thanks so much for your support Boyd......
    I have a lot of fun changing my blog designs ....
    as for the criticism...I think artists (in particular) learn to deal with it ....the process of course is difficult ....say hi to your fiance for me too.. :)

  • Anonymous 2.10.07

    My pleasure Kim. I should visit more often.