The Southern Cross Award !!!!!!

Saturday 20 October 2007 28 responses

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Over the last 12 months I have made some great friends in Blogging....some old friends and some new friends....
I am giving this limited edition award to my best buddies...these are the buddies who have regularly visited and commented here and at laketrees...
thank you to you all.... you are great mates.......
you do not have to pass this award on...this is a token of my friendship....

Lisa Mikey Jan Morriconei Hidyn Gems Kitty Deborah MaryAnn Anna Boyd Renny Pearl Colin Ev Santa Diane Sue Blog Elf Lynda Mihaela Captain Life cruiser Fruity Franco Nihal

28 responses: to “ The Southern Cross Award !!!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    It's appropriate you have chosen a star for your award - as you are indeed a star!

    Thank you so much, you have made blogging a joy, you are so generous with your comments and your friendship and it is really appreciated.

    I am looking forward to receiving my portrait too! Hurry up,postman!

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    What a beautiful image, Kim. Thank you. Are you sure I can't just pass it on to you - you deserve it too. You have been a great support and encouragement to me.

  • Lisa Lorenz 20.10.07

    Oh Kim, what a lovely surprise this chilly saturday morning. Thanks so much for the southern cross award. And your lovely comments on my blogs and constant support of me and my artwork. It has been so great to visit your beautiful blogs. Diane said it "you are a star"!

  • Kim 20.10.07

    thanks Diane...
    I've actually stolen Alexander's landscape as the backdrop... haha
    hopefully you will get your portrait before your birthday....
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

    oh and ditto to you Sue....
    I still haven't looked at the Wordpress Site as I have been literally obsessed with changing the template at laketrees... :0

    hiya Lisa
    we've had a warm one here today....
    the thankyous are mutual as you have been a wonderful support all along the way from when I first opened laketrees.... :-X

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    JB, you're a doll and I don't know how I ever lived without you before I met you. You're a really great friend to me.

    I'll let the others express their thoughts and feelings.

    Thank you girlie. You're one in a million.I'm one lucky kiddo to have you as a warm hearted mate and sheila.

  • Unknown 20.10.07

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Kim. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your thinking of me with this award. I always feel very guilty because i try hard to visit everyone as much as I can but it never seems to be as much as others visit me.I value your friendship and support very much ☺

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    Kim, wow that is a beautiful award and thank you so much :)
    Such a lovely surprise on this frosty morning, it's warmed me up just seeing it.

    You should allow us collectively to force you to post one on your blog from all of us :)

    To have met so many kind and wonderful bloggers is amazing in itself, and some strong friendships have been formed through this.

    Thank you so much. Have a great weekend :)


  • Kim 20.10.07

    haha JB...
    so are you !!!
    I'm so lucky to have friends like you and what would I do without your long distance calls all the way from Maryannaville :)
    have a great evening :-X

    hello Santa
    I appreciate you dropping by ....your schedule must be so busy...and only 66 days til Christmas too !!! eek eek.. :)

    hi there Colin...
    haha must be getting quite chilly over there in the the cold country....and yes I have put a smaller version of the cross at laketrees (for decorative purposes) to keep it warm over there too.. :D

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    Well chosen - congrats to the winner and thanks for the link love :-)

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    Awww, thanks so much Kim, I'm all verklempt :-)

    You've become a true and great friend, and I'm so glad and fortunate our paths crossed.

    And ditto for passing the award back on to you!

  • Franco 20.10.07

    My dear dear Kim...yet another award you've bestowed on me. I truly appreciate your friendship. You've such great work and amazing blogs. And as a person, you're real, true and down-to-earth. You come to me from cyberspace and what a great treasure you are. You're a jewel. Thanks for the friendship that I'm enjoyed each moment of it.



  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    Oh man, you are such a kind queen Kim... its truly a delight getting to know you and you know what? everyone said just about everything I wanted to say for you... yes, you are a shining star amongst us! thank you so much for the support and always being there!

  • Ev 20.10.07

    Wow Kim, thank you so much! I love it! What a great surprise...and I was LOL about the if you don't pick up your award I will personally cross you off my list. That was hilarious.

    Course you know I'm sitting here on a chilly Saturday morning waiting for #2 to come home and give him his bday gifts...can't wait. When I saw your lovely email and I got the biggest kick out of it. Now Bogey is waiting for me to walk him...he's crying. Not really!

    I love the's very cool!

    I want to win a portrait!

    I really want to win a portrait.


    I'm still laughing.

    You made my day! Thank you.

  • Kim 20.10.07

    hey Renny..
    I hope you enjoy your really deserve it....I love my visits to Norway and reading about your exciting adventures....:)

    verklempt!!! Deborah....
    dear oh dear this is supposed to cheer you up hehe....thanks for being a terrific friend !!!!!
    your support has been SO invaluable :-X

    you're very welcome Franco...and very deserving of this award....
    thanks so much for your very kind words...(hugs)

    hi there Pearl...
    thank you.....the pleasure is all mine......hope all goes well with your floor this weekend :-X

    haha Ev
    you remind me of the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.....I'm late...I'm late......
    happy birtday wishes to your
    son # 2.....for today...
    and yes I am starting another portrait competition on the 1st November....Ev....that is ....the 1st November....:D...
    it will be right up your alley...

  • Lynda Lehmann 21.10.07

    Thanks so much for including me in this award, Kim. I'm fairly new at blogging and missed the whole summer really, as we were away and on a slow connection. So I'm grateful for your welcoming presence!

    You are so energetic and dynamic, I don't know how you keep up the pace. I count you among my new friends, as well! You really know how to generate a sense of blogging community, and I thank you for all that you do!

  • Anonymous 21.10.07

    Kim, you have always been a great source of support and inspiration. I know I've been commenting less frequently, but I'm always reading your posts and enjoying your immense talent. You've touched many people through your blogs, and I for one am grateful to know you.

    Thank you very much for the award.

  • Kim 21.10.07

    thanks so much Lynda...
    it's so great to meet fellow artists in the blogging's so easy to be a hermit when you're an artist... ;)

    hi Morriconei..
    you're welcome :)
    I have been following your progress and it's always a pleasure to see your new designs and drawings....:)

  • Anonymous 21.10.07

    Kim, thank you! Your greatness has no words. I'm daily amazed at your creativity in all that you do. Your passion is overflowing. Fun is a way of life for you. Thanks friend.

  • Anonymous 21.10.07

    Wow! That is the most beautiful and valuable star award! I'm truly deeply honored.

    I do appreciate your friendship and hope that it will last for long - at least until we're 108 years old.... *giggles*

    You're the brightest star....


  • Kim 21.10.07

    hi Boyd...thanks so much and you're very welcome.....
    I hope your weekend is going well for you and that your new exhibit is a huge success !!!!!

    thanks for calling in Captain....
    I'm so pleased you like it :)
    haha 108....hmmmm....that's a really long time to be alive :0

  • Anonymous 22.10.07

    Awww, thanks sweetie. And you created it yourself - I'm impressed!

    It's been almost a year since I've been on this blogging trip, lol. I've met so many wonderful people online - of course you are at the top of my list, hon. (I've met someone too ;) I'll tell you all about it when I get back from vacation, lol!

    Thanks again sweetie!

  • Kim 22.10.07

    hi Anna have a great holiday and I'm looking forward to hearing all about your latest news.. when you get back:-X

  • Anonymous 22.10.07

    I am late at the party! Ohhhh! I always come too late!

    I have no words to tell you how much this means to me. Thank you! You are amazing.

  • Kim 23.10.07

    ha ha another white rabbit :D
    thank you Mihaela....and you're very welcome :)
    have a great day :)

  • Anonymous 24.10.07

    Sorry I'm late, but now I've found my way to proudly announce your given award - thanks you Kim!

  • Kim 24.10.07

    you're more than welcome Renny... :)

  • Fruity 24.10.07

    Thank you once again for your lovely star award. Guessed I'm a little slow as I'm trying to find more time to blog. Thanks for your friendship and everything, Kim. Cheers from Fruity

  • Kim 24.10.07

    that's ok Fruity...
    thanks for dropping by...
    have a great day :)