The Cat and the Ghost !!!!

Wednesday 24 October 2007 11 responses

As part of Halloween and Captain Lifecruiser's Halloween Scary Story celebrations I'm posting a poem that my dear Dad wrote when I was a little girl....I still remember it...

The Ghost floated in the through the open door

And the Cat gave a scream as he leapt off the floor

His eyes bulged wide and his limbs grew taut

As he watched the ghost begin to haunt

The Ghost rocked to and fro at a leisurely pace

And he seemed very friendly by the smile on his face

But friendly or not we still cannot say

For we haven't seen the cat since that day !!!!!

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Image courtesy of Sanni

11 responses: to “ The Cat and the Ghost !!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 24.10.07

    Oh, that was a nice ghostly poem, purrfect for kids :-)

    Thanks for spreading the word about the Halloween celebration!

    It's needed to get more to come and have fun with us :-)

  • Anonymous 24.10.07

    Too cute, Kim. It looks as if the cat took off like a bat out of hell.

    Hee Hee Hee! That's how us yanks say it anyway.

    Captain, my ghost stories are inappropriate for the season of fun otherwise I'd join in and spill my guts over this life experience. Maybe some other time. Other than that, I'm at a lost for spooky tales and folk lore. :(

  • Kim 25.10.07

    hi Captain
    it was fun remembering my Dad's poem.....and I remember having a good laugh when he made it up ....

    it is cute isn't JB...
    I bet your cats would do the same...
    LOL...I know that expression....
    my Mum uses it all the time.... :D

  • Lynda Lehmann 25.10.07

    Cute poem, Kim, and a nice memory for you, of your Dad.

    I see you're on ArtWanted, but I don't remember bumping into you there...?

    Happy Halloweeen! (well, almost)

  • Anonymous 25.10.07

    Awesome poem. Sounds like your dad was a lot of fun. Kind of reminds me of something I would write just not so well.

  • Kim 25.10.07

    hi Lynda...
    I just realised what AW stood for the other day LOL.....
    I have been a member for a while and I put the two together when you mentioned that you were a member there.......and your feature
    it was good to revisit and get the new widget.....which I saw at your site...
    haha happy halloween to you too :0

  • Kim 25.10.07

    hi Boyd...
    yeah my Dad was so much fun....he was always whistling or singing or telling us funny poems and stories that he made up.....
    beautiful memories :)

  • Anonymous 26.10.07

    Oh my God! It is Halloween! Now I understand why the spooky entries everywhere I turn. LOOOOL!

  • Kim 26.10.07

    hi Sia
    LOL ...and I think this is just the beginning...
    have a great day :)

  • Anonymous 4.12.07

    As a ghost hunter and cat lover, among a multitude of other wonders, I love that poem!

    It's obvious art runs in your veins!!



  • Kim 4.12.07

    wow Lance!!!
    I've never met a ghost hunter before :0
    I'm actually a little wary of asking you whether you have caught any :0
    thanks for your comments...
    have a terrific day :)