7 Random Facts

Sunday 28 October 2007 6 responses

Last week I was tagged by Anita at am-art to write 7 random facts about me.....

# I love summertime
# The most colourfully exquisite movie that I have ever seen was Marie Antoinette
# I love cooking and eating pumpkin soup
# I believe that euthanasia or being euthanized should be legalised
# Daylight savings time started here today
# Silverchair is from Newcastle (my hometown)
# The John Butler Trio is a favourite of mine

the words that are bold were randomly chosen from Google Hot Trends at Ezine Blog

I am not tagging anyone in particular but your challenge is to write 7 random facts about you using 7 more words from the top search words at Google Hot Trends

6 responses: to “ 7 Random Facts so far...

  • Anonymous 29.10.07

    Interesting facts Kim. It is hard for me to say which season I love most. This year fall is a little bit of a let down as it has been horribly dry. It is to the point of alarm as people could start losing major time at work because of water shortages. Just the people that can't afford to lose time.

    What is Silverchair?

  • Kim 29.10.07

    hi Boyd...
    the water shortages aren't getting any better are they...it's the same over here...

    Silverchair is an influential Australian rock band. The group has had more top twenty hits in Australian charts during the last decade than any other local artist. Additionally, they have sold over six million albums worldwide. Every album released by the band to date has spawned at least one top 1 single and debuted at the #1 position on Australian charts. Silverchair is also one of only three Australian bands to have three number 1 singles on the Australian Singles Chart, and the only Australian band to have their first albums chart at #1 in the Australian Album Chart. When they broke into the music industry, they were only 14 years old.
    source wikipedia.....

  • Lynda Lehmann 30.10.07

    Looks like fun, Kim. I'll do this when I have a quiet moment (yeh!). I'm with you on all things pumpkin! Ummm, pumpkin bread and muffins...

    Maybe your summers are cooler down there in the S. hemisphere, depending how far south you are. But I don't enjoy the hot and humid months here, at all! Give me spring and fall, for all their color and change (and moderate temps.)

  • Kim 30.10.07

    oooh yes and pumpkin scones too Lynda!!!!
    yes our summers are quite pleasant ....Queensland (up north) has the really humid summers....I imagine the autumns would be lovely over your way :)

  • Unknown 31.10.07

    I've never had pumpkin soup, but it sounds good.

  • Kim 1.11.07

    I'll have to send you the recipe Lisa...
    it's very addictive...pumpkins are one of the best anti aging vegetables ever ...LOL....