The Three O’Clock Mum

Friday 20 July 2007 3 responses

She scowls down the street in her 4 by 4
Whumping wimpy walkers with her sticky-out doors
Shouting abuse if you steal ‘her’ space
Not afraid to stick up fingers at your frightened face
Double yellows, double shmellows when she needs to park
The three o’clock mum – she’s a pmt’d shark.

With RayBan’s sitting on her fluffed-up hair
Her stiletto’s hit the pavement. An icy glare
Spikes anyone who dares go near her wheels.
She slams the door, turns on her heels,
Turns on her smile, turns on her charm,
Turns on the façade – turns on the alarm.

Smiles and waves at so called friends
Hoists up the Lycra on her legging trends
Pulls down her t- on her ample bust –
When her kids give a hug, she makes a fuss.
At the gate a picture of sweetness and light
But the three o’clock mum has a nasty bite.

You wouldn’t want to meet her in the dark
Keep out of her way in the school car park
Don’t do anything to make her spark
The three o’clock mum – she’s a pmt’d shark.

© Rachel Clark 2007

Author's bio

Rachel Clark is an English Mum from a small town in the South of England. She enjoys writing the rhymey stuff, and is happy if she makes other people smile. She doesn't know why she is writing about herself in the third person, but feels very honoured to have been asked to contribute to Kim's site.

More of her quirky writing and odes can be found at An English Mum "

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  • Kim 19.7.07

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Rachel's very funny and witty odes....and this one in particular ...which portrays a Mum that we have all come across at one time or another......the dress...the expressions.....the gestures....all so descriptive and larger than life!!!!!
    thank you Rachel....

  • Ishvara 20.7.07


  • Rachel 20.7.07

    You're most welcome, Kim!