Awesome Guy Blogger Award

Friday 27 July 2007 8 responses

my list of guys who make a difference at Poeartica !!!!!

Mike @ Mikey's Dream

HDReader @
Hidyn Gems

Just Me @
Writing True

Lanka @

Classic Poetry Aloud

8 responses: to “ Awesome Guy Blogger Award so far...

  • Anonymous 29.7.07


    Many thanks for the honour.

    Classic Poetry Aloud

  • Kim 29.7.07

    my pleasure Classic Poetry....
    I thoroughly enjoy reading your classic poetry.....over at your very elegant site !!!!

  • Anonymous 30.7.07

    It certainly is an honour on this excelent blog Kim.

    Many thanks


  • Kim 31.7.07

    your valuable contributions to PoeARTica and thought provoking articles are very much appreciated :]

  • HDReader 1.8.07

    As you know I have been away a while, so it was so nice to find this warm surprise when I reconnected to the blogosphere. Thanks so much, Kim!

  • Anonymous 2.8.07

    Hey Kim;
    You've changed your template... the new look is wonderful. Nice job!

    CPA's site is great isn't it?! Congratulations to all you guy's!

    Take care;

  • Anonymous 2.8.07

    Kim, I'll have to see if Ican write something else. Now what.


  • Kim 2.8.07

    you're welcome HD
    it's always a highlight to visit and view your fascinating thrillers and chillers...
    take good care....

    couldn't agree more re: CPA's site..........
    yes quite happy with the new look....thanks so much Anna..:)

    another ARTicle would be terrific Mikey....
    I know what you mean....
    I haven't posted this week as I have had a wisdom tooth removed and the antibiotics are pretty awful !!!! :(