as with each season's turn of leaf

Friday 6 July 2007 5 responses

and darkness fell silent that night
one man's freedom, another's fight
such disbelief and questions rife
yet, even in death, there is life

distorted shadows ebb and flow
shrouding all as I let you go,
but out of the depths that I mourn
a renewed sense of hope is born

as with each season's turn of leaf
hands of time will encircle grief,
under rainbows of hopeful hue
I will whisper a goodbye to you.

© 2007 Janine L Kain

About Janine
Introvert with sense of humour. Born in Zimbabwe but living in Edinburgh, Scotland. I Suffer from mental illness ( borderline personality disorder ) and find writing and photography a portal to explore and express my world.
This year I have attempted to sell my photography at craft fairs and have a retail outlet selling my work. I have yet to attempt to get my writing published.

You can visit Jani at Jackal to view more of her writing and photography.

5 responses: to “ as with each season's turn of leaf so far...

  • Kim 6.7.07

    Earlier this week I asked Jani if she would feature her poem on Poeartica.She kindly accepted my offer. I was very moved by this poem. Jani has portrayed the loss of a loved one with great delicacy and sensitivity. Thank you Jani.

  • Anonymous 6.7.07

    Thank you !

  • Anonymous 6.7.07

    Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing, Jani.

  • Anonymous 7.7.07

    Thank you morriconei !

  • Anonymous 13.7.07

    Beautiful poem Janine. Good luck with your photography as well!