Mike Fone

Tuesday 5 June 2007 4 responses

The Wild Goose
The Wild Goose is coming
I listen for her low cries and wingbeat
She sees me, sees my longing heart
Swoops low then flies away again.

I know somehow she wants me to join her
To abandon all and jump into that sky
To trust her, holding me up
in the stream of air left by her wings

Painting: Avon Spring (Mike Fone)

Mike wrote:
Most of the writing I do is about art or philosophical in nature. It may be written in a poetic manner but is not actually poetry.

Mike Fone aims to paint portraits with a 3 dimensional classical technique. Not only does he produce realistic paintings, but portraits which have life so the viewer has an emotional connection with the subject of the painting .

The landscapes are of those places Mike loves, where he wants to share the beauty of the English countryside for others to enjoy.

The portraits are mostly painted with oils and landscapes with acrylic paints.

4 responses: to “ Mike Fone so far...

  • Alberto Cárdenas Almeida 6.6.07

    Aunque no entiendo mucho el ingles, te puede decir que las fotos que has colocado en tus post estan muy hermosas. Saludos!

  • Kim 6.6.07

    ¡Los saludos que Paco
    esto es una pintura por.ao de Mike Fone... yo convienen que... parece muy verdadero!!!
    respeto Kim

  • Anonymous 7.6.07

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just abandon everyhting and take to the skies!? Such freedom!

    Very nice work Mike!

    Have a wonderful afternoon, everyone!
    - Anna

  • Kim 8.6.07

    How true Anna....I would love to come back as a kookaburra in my next life....
    to be able to fly anywhere...and to laugh as much as you like ...as well ....that would be bliss