I nEEd a tITle

Saturday, 2 June 2007 10 responses

pOEm # 2

The isolation pervades the air
like a mist
cold and fresh.
The sunlight breaks
through the tall trees
the valley
within a valley.
Silence sits
as silent as
the white cat
that stretches
in the white
polystyrene box
outside the dormitory door.
A bell rings
a patchwork of people
Shades of umber,
burnt orange, brown
and red
hand dyed and faded.

please write your title(s) in the comments box....

10 responses: to “ I nEEd a tITle so far...

  • Anonymous 3.6.07

    "Dawn into Day"
    "Back to Reality"

  • Kim 3.6.07

    thanks anon
    they are all really great titles all as good as each other...have a great evening !

  • HDReader 4.6.07

    "Scumbling Moments"

  • Kim 4.6.07

    hi HD
    thanks...I really like that word and my friend Jan Dean and I were discussing that word just last week...
    because it is a painting term and I "scumble" all the time when I paint it is very interesting to see the word in this context and to descibe a moment....very astute of you.....
    regards Kim

  • Lisa Lorenz 4.6.07

    Hi Kim, really beautiful poem...just dropped in...Sorry cant think of a title right now....xoxoxo

  • Kim 4.6.07

    hi Lisa
    "just dropping in" is fine by me !!! lol...thanks
    I see you have put your avatar on your blog on BTF too..thanks for the fames...you are a treasure ....

  • IT'S MY LIFE: 5.6.07

    Title. Another Day In Paradise:

  • Kim 5.6.07

    thank you Poetry Girl...the place was quite like paradise....an Ashram....very quiet and peaceful...so your title is really apt......
    regards Kim

  • Anonymous 6.6.07

    This really is quite beautiful. Very subtle, and I dig the structure.

    As for a title. I've been racking my noggin' and "Within a Moment" appeared.

    Have a good day.

  • Kim 6.6.07

    hi Morriconei
    thank you ....I don't think of structure when I write as it is more a visul "structure"...so that's interesting....
    good title...as I was trying to capture a moment in this poem,,
    regards Kim