I nEEd a tiTLE

Saturday 16 June 2007 7 responses


Early daylight
and the shadows steal
across the musty floor boards
a classroom
closed too long
the air
finely powdered with resin
in a silent haze
the dancers stare
at mirrors
too worn to be
sentinels of beauty
any more
a magpie outside
sits and stirs
the dancers
on splintered wooden
warming their bodies
in readiness
for the

7 responses: to “ I nEEd a tiTLE so far...

  • Anonymous 18.6.07

    hey kim,
    "Ancient Ballet" springs to mind when I read this. Maybe "Timeworn Routine" .

  • Kim 18.6.07

    I like both these titles Morriconei !
    both are insightful and sum up the thoughts that I had at that time...ballet was really like a religion...it took up so much of my time...that the memories will always be there...
    thanks for dropping by...my net has been down again...and...I have some catch up to do..again..this weather has been causing a lot of havoc over here....
    have a great day !!!!

  • HDReader 18.6.07

    "New Day Routine".

    The Magpies...an interesting and paradoxical element in this.

  • Kim 19.6.07

    hi HD...
    thank you
    that title has a contemporary flavour to it...I have always been fascinated with magpies because they were everywhere when I was a little girl going to school in the bush...
    I bet the magpie influenced your title..that could be a good word to search for re your HD thriller/chiller photos..

  • Anonymous 19.6.07

    I guess it has been only a bit over a week or so since the storm. Hopefully you can get things straightened out.

  • Kim 19.6.07

    hi M
    yeah we have another big storm predicted for this afternoon...so if I'm not around you will know why.......

  • Anonymous 19.6.07

    Stay safe, that's the most important thing.

    I really like this poem by the way.It had to grow on me, but now it's one of my favorites.