dream colors

Friday, 12 September 2008 10 responses

i dream in blue,
as a quiet, flowing arctic sea
leaching upward into the frozen ice
a stain of sky in liquid hues
fallen from above to rest in peace
beneath the cold cloud canopy

i dream in gray,
in swirl hues, a droplet dance
cold kisses from the wraiths
dripping off the empty black twigs
in welling drops as clear as crystal glass,
as large as a falling world

i dream in red
in crimson velvet, thorns and petals
bejeweled with frigid dewdrop tears
lying on the dark polished granite
where visitor's faces are reflected
as dark eyes that look out from the stone

i dream in black
searching hues like deep waters
a charcoal sketch in powder smudges
slipping across the cream white paper
like veins in a dying brown fall leaf
clothed with frost and snowflakes

i dream in yellow
below the swinging sunlight fringe
of her golden springtime dress
bare feet trod the virgin earth
and grass grows in every soft step
like a carpet for her feet only

© Nathan P

Nathan is an aspiring writer of poetry and prose. Currently he is working on a book about the mysteries of this world and the many subtle details and moving moments that people often overlook. Nathan can be contacted through his reading and writing blog: Inkweaver Review.

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