Thursday, 25 September 2008 6 responses

Clockwork sun, and clockwork moon,
You have your paths to take.
And on this earth,
This clockwork earth,
We follow in your wake.

Clockwork life, and clockwork death,
We're built from wood and tears,
Inside these eyes,
These clockwork eyes,
I hide my deepest fears.

Clockwork smile, and clockwork laugh,
I bring all people joy,
But in this place,
This clockwork place,
I'm nothing but a toy.

Clockwork gears, and clockwork spring,
To move is clockwork's will.
But in the end,
That certain end,
All clockwork must stand still.

© Nathan P

Nathan is an aspiring writer of poetry and prose. Currently he is working on a book about the mysteries of this world and the many subtle details and moving moments that people often overlook. Nathan can be contacted through his writing blog: Imagination Manifesto.

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