Through The Eyes Of A Child

Friday, 1 June 2007 6 responses

Anna Webber-Anderson

I am 9 years past, this summer; not quite a child but not yet anything more. I still look upon this world in it's most simple form, comprehending only that which is discernible by the five senses.

He was always here; this man who is my father. A being of minor importance. Nothing more, nothing less. Existing in my universe but holding no real significance in my mind. He simply, is.

Through the window of my room the darkness envelops me; taunts me with it's silence and I am afraid. Evil lies silently in wait and I can only imagine what horror lurks amongst the shadows of the trees; I call to him, my father, in barely a whisper and he is quickly here by my side. He tucks me in with tales of beautiful faeries dancing in the twilight mist and tells me not to worry. Sleep finally takes hold.

A new day dawns, and as I awaken, I look up into his face. My protector. He has been here all night, standing watch over me, his only child. And I realize that the man who stands before me has suddenly become the center of my universe, as I am his.

And with this realization, I finally glimpse the essence of his soul; and he is beautiful.

Anna wrote:
"One of my writings from my Hidden Shadows blog. (These are unpublished works From The Hidden Shadows Of My Mind

This one is about my father or more precisely a representation of the first time I saw the 'man' behind his presence. He died of cancer in 1995.

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