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Saturday 3 January 2009 21 responses

to my Top EC Droppers for December!!

Mariuca's Perfume Gallery
amy lilley designs
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Photography by KML
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Let's Jump Together
Toltec Insights with Dr. Susan Gregg
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Happy New Year everyone!!
and my first New Year Resolution is to:
1. See more Art Exhibitions...
these two look like a good start...

Petrina Hicks, Eye Candy (from The descendants series) 2008.

Contemporary Australia is a comprehensive arts program current at GoMAs blockbuster Optimism exhibition.
Genre The Arts
Location Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)Address Stanley Place, South Bank
Date Until February 22
Tickets Free
More information
[Read more]

Degas: Master Of French Art opens at the National Gallery next week.
It will be the first Degas exhibition ever held in this country and the first comprehensive showing in the southern hemisphere.
[Read more]

Little Dancer … sculpture in bronze, gauze and satin.

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  • Mariuca 4.1.09

    Yeeeeha!! I did it Kim! Thrilled to see both blogs here and MPG at number 1 ha ha! :):):)

  • Mariuca 4.1.09

    Thanks so much for this lovely list Kim. I'm gonna hold on to my top spot as long as I can YAY! :)

  • Anonymous 4.1.09

    Thank you so much. It's a pleasure to visit.

  • Chester 6.1.09

    hello... nice blog you got here!

  • Anonymous 6.1.09

    Thanks for the linky love Kim!

  • Anonymous 6.1.09

    Thank you for the link. Have a great day.

  • Mariuca 9.1.09

    Hey Kim, Poeartica is at MPG today! Happy weekend sweetie. :):):)

  • Anonymous 10.1.09

    Thank you for the such a huge list...

  • Mariuca 11.1.09

    Hi Kim! I'm thrilled to see double MPG here! :):):)

  • Mariuca 11.1.09

    Have a good Sunday Kim, bet u can't wait to get settled in. :)

  • Mariuca 14.1.09

    Hola Kim! Dropping off some EC love here for u today, have fun! :):):)

  • This Makes My Day 20.1.09

    Hi Kim,

    I just drop by to ask you how you are doing my friend. I hope everything is fine.

    Have a nice evening!

  • Mariuca 20.1.09

    Morning Kim! I can see Mariuca here today YAY! Bet u can't wait to get online again, see you soon. :):):)

  • Anonymous 20.1.09

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  • Anonymous 21.1.09

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  • Anonymous 21.1.09

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  • Anonymous 22.1.09

    A blew up puter sounds like a nightmare to me! Glad you are safe and sound then :-)

  • Anonymous 1.2.09

    Found your site by accident. Read your comment on writing---moving. I dabble in writing some poems and some political commentary. I have a few poems on ""--you may want to check them out. Also some on by blog site. I'll visit again when I have more time.

    Before I leave here is a short poem I wrote a few months back:

    I snapped a picture of your heart
    and on this print I found your face.

    So..I snapped a picture of your face, and...ah..on this I found your heart.

    Not to serious, but cute.

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  • Anonymous 14.2.09

    I like your art and poetry blog.
    Inspiring writing.
    Best wishes,


    (visited via John's site to say hello)