A poet’s life

Friday 30 January 2009 15 responses

My heart flows from the end of my pen

Written from the juice of a blood red grape

The love, the joy all appear before me

A poet’s grace, my one true escape

The tears that flow from my pen so free

Save my eyes from a river of pain

A release of heartache and desperate longing

The words colour the paper with no refrain

The words of love that carry me high

Speak of life and its pure rich magic

Then they turn to help as they always do

To assist the poet through a time so tragic

Landscapes and beauty touch the writer’s soul

As this great land his words for a moment hold

Never to be owned just shared and enjoyed

To try to do more, who would be so bold?

The blood of my soul is the poet’s ink

Written in the words that are me

Exorcised from within to be seen and dealt

Then leaving the poet’s spirit forever free.

© Bernard J Rossi
Author & Poet

Bernard J. Rossi has been writing in one form or another for almost 30 years and over that time his writing experiences have been in many diverse areas including technical, short stories, poems and a number of books.
His first short story published was Michael’s Birthday (1991).
Bernard has poems published in many anthologies, most notably “The International Who’s Who in Poetry” and another international publication, “The Best Poems and Poets of 2007.”
His most recent achievements in writing longer works have been the publication of Room 22 in late 2007 and Arlington Reef in early 2008 and Bernard has two completed manuscripts awaiting publication, The Bloodline and The Spiral, which is the sequel to Room 22.
Bernard’s latest work is different from all his previous works and is an exciting move into an intriguing direction.

Bernard J Rossi
Room 22
Arlington Reef

15 responses: to “ A poet’s life so far...

  • Mariuca 30.1.09

    I love this poem Kim! And it's so nice to see a new post here too YAY! :):):)

  • Kim 30.1.09

    oh thanks Mariuca...
    it's a wonderful poem and just perfect to start the new year with....
    thanks for calling in ...
    I see that Wishing on a Star is here today and is contender for top dropper of the month...woohoo!!!

  • Anonymous 4.2.09

    A poet’s grace, my one true escape is my favorite line

  • Anonymous 4.2.09

    WAAAAAA..... can you make me a poem for my girlfriend for valentines day? :P She loves poems.

  • Mariuca 5.2.09

    Ha ha! I will def try to be number 1 here this month, just watch me drop here daily LOL!!! :):):)

  • Mariuca 5.2.09

    Also love seeing both my cards here YAY! And thanks Kim! :)

  • Bernard J Rossi 5.2.09

    Mariuca, thank you for your comments on my poem, I ma thrilled you liked it.

    Kim, thank you for posting it, I am grateful and honoured. (and please excuse my penchant for the Australian way of spelling, I hope it does not put your readers off!)

  • scarletbreeze 6.2.09

    thats a great work.. i like the poem "if" by rudyard kipling ..do take a read

  • Anonymous 6.2.09

    nice poem.. u must read "if" by rudyard kipling .. i like it the most

  • Jackie 7.2.09

    it's a wonderful poem Kim!! and I have to agree with Marzie. It's wonderful to see you back and working again!:-)

  • Jackie 7.2.09

    I know you have certainly inspired me to pursue my photography. you have a wonderful gift to inspire!!:-)

  • Anonymous 18.2.09

    like a rare geyser
    these explosions of hyper-electric
    creative flash forest fire
    only ravage my
    usually dormant
    when they damn well want to,
    and this one has been
    drinking and driving me
    all over
    all day
    and now deep into the night.
    at this point i feel that
    creativity itself
    is abusing me
    and setting its own fires
    underneath me
    to keep me in constant transition
    between anticipated
    why else
    would i be giving
    poor Smoky the Bear
    the finger
    and running through
    these dry
    dry hills
    with my brain on fire?

  • Bernard J Rossi 19.2.09

    Derl, its always nice to know which lines strike a chord with others.

    Bath Salts, I'm always happy to write, its too late for Valentines Day, but then everyday deserves to be Valentines Day

  • Bernard J Rossi 19.2.09

    Scarlettbreeze, I have read if before but read it again on your recommendation. What I like about poetry sometimes is the more you read a poem the more you learn from it. Thanks BJR

  • Bernard J Rossi 19.2.09

    I am glad you enjoyed my poem Shinade, and I thin k if you can turn photography into art then you have a great gift and you should not ignore it. I have just bought a new camera and hope to one day be able to do more than point and shoot. BJR