Variety is the Spice of Life

Saturday 9 June 2012 0 responses

If you ever want to meet a person who is absolutely a neat freak, you must meet my cousin. He has been married twice and both times, he has driven his wives crazy with organization. He invited us over to their home while we were on a visit on the east coast. His house was absolutely perfect right from the ride up the clean and immaculate driveway into their home. The home was so well appointed and everything whispered, I took great pains to make sure it looked just like this. I was totally impressed. But, when he showed us the kitchen, I really went crazy. I couldn't help myself, I started laughing so hard, I had tears coming out of my eyes and my tummy hurt. He had so many ways of being organized that were truly so artistic and creative. He had spice racks for just those spices that he used all the time. Then he had a wall spice rack with just herbs, most of them which he prided in saying, "those are from our garden and we dried them out ourselves." He really knew how to give you the feeling that he was so in control of his life just by looking at his kitchen spice racks. The visit was truly warm and wonderful.

When I got home, I opened my pantry, looked at my spices in all the different containers, jars and bottles and decided to get my life in order too. So, I bought myself some wonderful kitchen spice racks at They have a marvelous display that makes it fun in selecting from their wide variety. It was pretty inspiring. Funny how doing a little thing like this can make you feel so great. It was a little piece of the puzzle put in place. My life on track has started and I'm in control. What a joy! I now love opening the pantry and seeing everything so organized. I love cooking and finding all of my spices so easily. Makes me feel like I should - wonderful!

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