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Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

My friend recently got engaged. She met her fiancé at a wedding in Napa Valley last June. They are getting married quickly, but they seem to be really in love and I am happy for them. Although I haven’t met him yet ( they moved to Dallas), he seems to be is really a good guy. He also has a great supportive family that lives in Dallas too. She created a shared pin board on Pintrest for all of the bridesmaids. I have been using my CLEARinternet to surf all of the wedding websites. It is cool to be able to pin pictures and things that you like onto a shared idea board. When I was getting married, I had to tear pictures out of magazines and create a “tags” where I saved all of my websites that I liked in a folder under “wedding” on the bar. Sometimes I would even forget what I liked on the website. Pintrest is so cool because you can pin exactly what you like, it saves the website, and you can write a bit about what you like. It is a genius idea! I wish that it was around when I was getting married.

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