must see new releases at the movies....

Tuesday 29 September 2009 9 responses

Maos Last Dancer
Li Cunxin’s Autobiography, "Mao's Last Dancer", was recently published and immediately hit the top of Australia’s best sellers list. It was number 1 in the non-fiction category and won the Book of the Year Award in Australia, the Christopher Award in America and it was short-list for the National Biography Award among other prestigious literary awards. It stayed on the top 10 Bestseller List for over one and a half years and it is in the 32nd printing, it has been published and sold in over 20 countries and a featured film is in the pipeline.

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AQUA is a cinematic odyssey that tells the story of the Great Barrier Reef, without words. In a ground-breaking approach to natural-history storytelling, AQUA has no narration and no presenter, and is entirely driven by the best dance/trance DJs in the world.

Who Does She Think She Is?
Five female artists explore the competing demands of muse and family in “Who Does She Think She Is?,” an engaging documentary about the struggle to create art while nurturing life.
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9 responses: to “ must see new releases at the movies.... so far...

  • Amy Lilley Designs 3.10.09

    Kim, this movie looks WONDERFUL...I thought of the day, just a couple of weeks ago, when I took all those photos in the fields of the farm...I will have to see this!!!

  • Kim 5.10.09

    ah yes Amy
    I must find the time to see all of these especially Mao's Last Dancer :)

  • Brochure Printing 6.10.09

    Oh no... I can't see the video! Argh, dumb browser, don't die on me. :(
    Aqua sounds like a good one, btw.

  • Blondy 6.10.09

    In a time when movies are all about special effects, it's good that films such as "Mao's last dancer and "Seraphine" exist.

  • display booths 7.10.09

    hey Kim,
    We've run out of movies on our Netflix queue, so I've added Mao's Last Dancer and Seraphine based on your recommendation (I know I'll have to wait until the DVDs are released). I just hope your recommendations are good. :)
    scott, aka display booths

  • Jason 20.11.09

    I love your site!

  • Martin Fister 25.11.09

    Definitely a wide array of movie styles there. It's interesting to see you putting a more artsy movie like Maos Last Dancer alongside Michael Moore's Capitalism lol.

  • anisa 7.3.11

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  • nappy bags 11.3.11

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