Education and the 21st Century

Tuesday 8 September 2009 9 responses

check out the latest in technology:

# emerging Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009 list, compiled from the Top 10 Tools contributions of learning professionals worldwide.
You can compare the rankings of the tools with the last two years.
Twitter is number 1...
Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009

# Best Websites for Teaching and Learning
VoiceThread has been recognized by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) as one of The Best Websites for Teaching and Learning, a list of 'tools and resources of exceptional value to inquiry-based teaching and learning.'

# Microsoft Launches Tools For Teachers

# Mix graphics, photos, videos, music and text into slick Glogs.

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  • Stop Dreaming 14.9.09

    Thank's for share

  • Admin T.H 21.9.09

    education so important I think I need go further education well not really :( hehe.. money always get in the way.

  • Admin T.H 21.9.09

    wow new blog :)

  • Kim 21.9.09

    you're welcome stop dreaming :)

    yeah TH I don't get to post much here ..I've been too busy lately eek!!!

  • Kim 21.9.09

    I really liked all the info so I posted it here for bloggers...glad you found it TH :))

  • Anonymous 22.9.09

    nice info from your blog for the readers

  • Mariuca 22.9.09

    I took this one at Jackie's and just took it again...same result he he!

  • Mariuca 22.9.09

    You Are Ballroom Dancing

    You are sophisticated and classy. Definitely not the type to be seen dancing on a bar.
    You are a bit old fashioned. You prefer dance to be subtly sexy, not in your face sexy.

    You are sentimental and nostalgic. You appreciate the beauty of old things.
    You are even tempered and cooperative. You work well with a partner.

  • Mariuca 22.9.09

    You are Ballet Kim! You're not boring at all, edgy and interesting is what u're all about, hugsy! :)