Be Emotive

Wednesday 18 February 2009 10 responses

To those who need inspiration and positive affirmations in their lives

Dance, be emotive

Take the hand of a goddess.

Skip through the day,

Caressed by a silken bodice.

Waltz naked ‘round the floor

Never waste the night.

Float on your midnight dreams

As though a bird in full flight

Be as you are

You are loved as such

Seemingly cooled by ocean waters

Then warmed by the suns touch

Hold your lover close

Swing from the chandelier

Let nothing intervene

The time for happiness is here

© Bernard J Rossi
Author & Poet

Bernard J. Rossi has been writing in one form or another for almost 30 years and over that time his writing experiences have been in many diverse areas including technical, short stories, poems and a number of books.
His first short story published was Michael’s Birthday (1991).
Bernard has poems published in many anthologies, most notably “The International Who’s Who in Poetry” and another international publication, “The Best Poems and Poets of 2007.”
His most recent achievements in writing longer works have been the publication of Room 22 in late 2007 and Arlington Reef in early 2008 and Bernard has two completed manuscripts awaiting publication, The Bloodline and The Spiral, which is the sequel to Room 22.
Bernard’s latest work is different from all his previous works and is an exciting move into an intriguing direction.

Bernard J Rossi
Room 22
Arlington Reef

10 responses: to “ Be Emotive so far...

  • Anonymous 18.2.09

    sometimes, like tonight
    i dream that my bed is a cocoon
    and that when my alarm clock goes off
    i'll be a butterfly
    and be free of my

  • Mariuca 18.2.09

    Oh thanks Kim, I do need me some inspiration today, esp since I got up late he he! ;)

  • Anonymous 19.2.09

    Oddly enough, I have waltzed naked across the floor. That was a fun party! True story.

    Oh! I started a contest on my site where I'm giving 10k in EC credits to one person. Details are on my site if you'd like to enter.

  • Jackie 22.2.09

    This is wonderful....'Float on your midnight dreams'is very evocative. This is a wonderful piece of writing.

    Thank you for having such wonderful taste and sharing these precious jewels with us!!:-)))

  • Anonymous 27.2.09

    Waooo, these are majestic words..keep up the soul shining.

  • Bernard J Rossi 27.2.09

    Thanks Shinade,

    I am glad you enjoyed this one, I hope to have more for Kim over time and also on my own poetry blog. BJR

    Majestic words, that's the first time my poetry has been described that way poetry university degree, thanks ever so much! BJR

  • Amy Lilley Designs 1.3.09

    lovely, ethereal, grounded, light, joyful...alive!!!

  • Bernard J Rossi 3.3.09

    Thank you Amy, I try to be all those things, but I don't always get them all at the same time. BJR

  • Ken Fink 30.3.09

    I had been searching long for a site where in I can sit and read poems and short creative articles. I think I just found one! Great work

  • Bernard J Rossi 31.3.09

    Ken, this is a terrific site that supports people like myself and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Feel free to drop by my sites too if you have the time, they might also suit your need. BJR