The GRATITUDE Challenge

Tuesday 29 April 2008 9 responses

I am exceedingly grateful every day for my two children
Alexander and Charlotte

They are my inspiration

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9 responses: to “ The GRATITUDE Challenge so far...

  • DubLiMan 29.4.08

    Nicely done! You have a couple of good looking kids.

    Your “Gratitude Statement” has been posted on the “Gratitude Site.” The URL is < >. Don't forget to come by and copy/paste the current list of participants back to your post. Doing this frequently insures maximum link benefit for everyone who participates. And by keeping your list current with mine you won't have to respond to individual participant requests to add them to your list. Staying current is optional. However, if you do stay current, you will maximize the “link-love” for everyone who participates. My suggestion is to schedule a visit to < > once every couple of weeks and add the new participant links.

    Thanks for participating. If possible, try to get others to participate; again, totally optional. Also, you can contribute as many “Statements of Gratitude” and/or “Complaints” as you wish.

  • Kim 29.4.08

    hi Mel ..
    thanks ...
    and thanks for letting me know..
    will update when I update my Big Bang Meme...which is usually once a week :)

  • Anonymous 8.5.08

    Both of your children are really beautiful. God bless you.

  • Jena Isle 14.5.08

    They are cute kids. You are lucky to have them. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I noticed you love poetry. I have seen a poetry contest in a site. Perhaps you would want to participate. Happy blogging.

  • Kim 15.5.08

    thanks Photobuch :))

    thanks for calling in Jena :)

  • Anonymous 26.5.08

    You have beautiful kids, you must be very proud :)

  • Kim 27.5.08

    thanks Eric ;)
    this photo was taken about 4 years ago :)
    I will have to find some recent pics :)

  • Anonymous 29.5.08

    I am on the gratitude side I think you must be grateful to our father that is our lord the God for bestowing two wonderful looking kids to you. Yes gratitude always helps and it keep sus calm and happy!

  • Anonymous 20.3.09

    nice picture i like it, a beautiful children