Giggly Girls

Tuesday, 22 April 2008 4 responses

Giggly girls, sit down in the sun

Of Starbucks store windows; they’re having their fun

Laughing and joking at everyone--

The toddler a-running, their honeybuns, sweet,

Coffee they're quaffing, the new girl they greet,

Party they're planning, his phone call last night;

The giggly girls are filled with delight.

Ponytails jiggling, as sugar-rush hits;

Those giggly, jiggly girls are in fits;

Laughing at nothing, grinning with glee;

I watch and recall when the giggler was me.

Giggly girls on the trampoline,

Since Mommy's not home, it's just not a good scene,

Passing and sucking their pipe of glass, clean--

They're out in the open, at height of the day,

Bouncing and jumping, like children at play,

Choking and smoking and grinning with glee;

The giggly girls, so young and so free.

Pleated skirts lifting, as wind blows them high,

Those giggly, jiggly girls reach the sky.

Laughing at nothing, grinning with glee;

I watch, but cannot crush the mother in me.

Kathleen Mortensen ©2008


4 responses: to “ Giggly Girls so far...

  • Anonymous 22.4.08

    I love this! As the mother of sons I always would have liked to have a giggly girl!

  • Kim 23.4.08

    it's a lovely poem isn't it Diane...
    thanks for your comment :)

  • Anonymous 26.4.08

    I loved the poem :)

  • Anonymous 8.5.08

    Giggly it is my little girl. Love the poem.