To Lift Your Spirits !!

Sunday 20 January 2008 9 responses

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Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

This site is a must see !!

Another site worth checking out is...
Should Be Famous
thank you to the secret squirrel who nominated me there !!
this site features a fascinating array of blogs and well worth visiting ...
the slide show collection of photographic headers is excellent !!

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9 responses: to “ To Lift Your Spirits !! so far...

  • Diane 21.1.08

    Funny! So, that's get famous then...easier said than done, methinks!

    Although getting on that list is a start :)

    It has me down as 'Much of Madness' - they must have been reading my blog.....

    Diane@Much of a Muchness

  • Kim 21.1.08

    yes it all looks so simple doesn't it Diane...
    grats to you...
    LOL ....Much of interesting....
    I'm sure they will fix that up :)

  • Lee 21.1.08

    G'day Kim, was over at Speedcat Holydale's place putting in my 20 cents worth and about to check out when I spotted your profile pic.
    Holy Smoke! I sure slammed on my brakes, did a U turn to check out which Latitude, Longtitude a beauty like you coming from?
    Ohhh, Crocodile Dundee's place, huh? Well, you're wayyy below us here in Canada.
    Nice blogs you have, Kim.
    I love portraits, as well I use my camera to make women look good as well get a free dinner, ha ha.
    Kim, your pic sure confirms Aussie girls are real lookers, ha ha.
    And for you, when you hold a dozen roses and look in the mirror, you'd see thirteen roses.
    You have a nice day, Kim. Lee.

  • Kim 22.1.08

    g'day to you too Lee...
    and thank you very much for your compliments....
    you certainly have a way with words... :)
    your writing is amazingly infectious and perhaps you might consider featuring a snippet of your recent work here at PoeARTica ....
    I'm sure the readers here would enjoy reading it as much as I did !!
    have a great Canadian Monday Lee :)

  • Lee 22.1.08

    G'day Kim, nice of you to drop by my place. And thank you for your warm compliments.
    I am presently bringing out an old experience of a love between a matured lady and a man half her age, me.(1970's)
    Later we lost touch, and I migrated to Canada.
    About some years back, a stranger contacted me and after double checking my real identity, handed me a faded letter with no address, just my name.
    It was from the lady. The letter is more than 30 years old.
    Thus I am bringing her back to me thru the many episodes beginning from 'A Faded letter'.
    Anyway, enjoy reading your interesting and lively post, though your working table sure made me look you can find your stuff? Ha ha.
    You have a nice day, Kim. Best regards, Lee.
    PS, bet beauty runs in your family, huh?

  • Kim 22.1.08

    your story is fascinating Lee...
    and I noticed that you have Andre Rieu listed in your favourite music...
    I am a fan of his music too ...
    sadly a lot of the romance in writing ...films and music has disappeared....
    Your writng certainly is from another era ..
    Beauty.... my Mother has been referred to as a rose amongst the thorns ..
    the romance between her and my Father was very special :) and lasted 49 years.... until my Dad passed away...

    thanks for calling back and you
    have a great day Lee :)

  • Anonymous 29.5.08

    I have to get famous..I mean if Speedy wins the election I will need to be famous so I can still talk to him..:)))

  • Kim 29.5.08

    ahhh but you ARE famous now Robert....
    you can be the OFFICIAL author of Speedy's biography....
    and still drive in the official car and smoke Cuban Cigars ;)

  • Anonymous 26.8.08

    Great post enjoyed reading your information