The Spirit of Christmas

Wednesday 26 September 2007 9 responses

Santa's Community Blog: The Spirit of Christmas Award 2

gave me this award recently....thank you thank you Santa !!!!!

This award is for those who talk about and show the spirit of Christmas in their blogs.

What is the Spirit of Christmas you ask?

Quite simply it is those that have a generous and giving nature. Those who care about others. Those who have a kind word to say or a broad shoulder to lean on in the times that others need that. Those who display the "Spirit of Christmas".

I am passing this award on to.................

Mary Ann at Maryannaville™

Mary Ann has the Spirit of Christmas in her bones......
she lives in a "Hooterville style of town" .... Since its zip code is, E-I-E-I-O, Mary Ann took it upon herself to rename it - "Maryannaville"

Sue at Sueblimely - Discovering Blogging

Sue has been terrific helping me with my renovations at laketrees and here at PoeARTica

thanks so much Sue......

I have this lovely little badge given to me by Franco at
Mind Body Spirit And Fluttering Thoughts

and I am awarding it to

Diane at Much of a muchness

for her wonderful work..... and exuberant energy.....

The Blog Elf

Is he really naughty or nice?

Lesly at Art Blogs 4 U

Linking you to over 120 artists who like to blog about their art ......

Lesly has featured one of my portraits at Art Blogs 4 U

I received this award from Colin over at Life...
thanks Colin......

I am awarding this to Mig at The Dog Yard who wrote this hilarious post.....and really made me smile....

≡ 10 Ways to Make Your Fellow Bloggers Hate You

Make an account at MyBlogLog and start spamming everyone by leaving a message that says: “great site, visit mine

Go on every blog you find and post a comment that says “great entry, visit my blog

Join forums and add your wise comments to each thread “I agree, visit my blog

Join Blogging to Fame and beg for fames: “loved your site, fame mine”

Make a video of yourself blabbing about the weather and don’t forget to say “visit my blog

Submit your entry every day to every social bookmarking site you know and don’t forget to ask for votes from the members at MyBlogLog: “pls. digg

Collect contact information from all the authority bloggers and email them every day. It doesn’t matter what you say. Just don’t forget to tell them “visit my blog

Request links from everyone like: “I like your blog, link to mine

Copy content from everyone without giving credit, but link to the original source so that the author knows that you’ve copied the article. Eventually say at the end of the article “you are not allowed to republish this without my permission.”

To make the picture complete, make every link you ever place in every entry you ever write a link to one of your affiliate programs that make you money.

Bonus point: tag your blogger friends to complete the list with their ideas.

So I am tagging:
all of my contributors here at PoeARTica.....heheheheheh

An English Mum
From The Hidden Shadows Of My Mind
Not My Year
The Process of a Miracle a 30 Day Experiment
Writing True
The Blog Elf ......hehehehe

9 responses: to “ The Spirit of Christmas so far...

  • Anonymous 26.9.07

    Oooohhh you got me there Kim. Thanks for thinking of me! Just need a lil' info on what to do! Hope all is well with you!

  • Kim 26.9.07

    hi Morgan
    I think it's a matter of tagging 5 more people with Mig's post and adding to the list....if you can think of any more to add....
    haha have fun :D

  • Anonymous 26.9.07

    Kim, I thank you are going to make most awarded blogger of all time!:) I love the Santa award, it might be the prettiest I've ever seen.

    It is awesome all you do for people. That care shows in your portraits. You have to really love people to paint them as well as you do.

    Congratulations to everyone that got an award!

  • Kim 26.9.07

    thanks so much Boyd...
    the Santa Award is gorgeous isn't it?
    thanks so much for your kind compliments....
    have a lovely day :)

  • Sueblimely 26.9.07

    Thank you so much for the award and your kind words. It was my pleasure to help although I did little. It was you that did the hard work in redesigning and rearranging your blog so beautifully.

  • Kim 26.9.07

    ah... but you were the motivating force behind my face lifts Sue....
    haha I even overhauled my website too!!!!!
    have a lovely evening :)

  • Anonymous 27.9.07

    Good one Kim;

    I'd rather like the idea of spamming everyone who does this on a regular basis!

    Take care, sweetie;

  • Anonymous 27.9.07

    Oh, JB!
    The Christmas award is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you ever so much for your thoughtfulness as well as your kind appreciation.

    I'm not sure how to pick the award up since it in a java script. Please send it to me in a txt file so I can post it.

    Congratulations and big *Hugs* to all.


  • Kim 27.9.07

    hi Anna
    it's very funny isn't it....thanks for dropping by.....hope all is well with you :)

    hi MA...
    you are truly deserving of this award.....your generousity is true blue......
    will email the award to you asap :)