Question # 6

Wednesday 5 September 2007 13 responses

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you


for promoting my Win a Free Portrait at your blogs.....
you are great friends !!!!!!!


What is the name of the film that I have reviewed here at PoeARTica ?????

13 responses: to “ Question # 6 so far...

  • Anonymous 5.9.07

    Well the only one I see is: The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

    Could be wrong, but don't have time to look further just now - I've got an award to add to my blog, lol!


  • Anonymous 5.9.07

    I'll second that. Unbearable Lightness of Being it is.(I think)

  • Anonymous 5.9.07

    "Unbearable Lightness of Being" is the film that you wrote a brief on, girly.

    tah dah! All three of usuns got it correct.

    *Group Hugs*

  • Anonymous 5.9.07

    It was my pleasure to help you to promote your competition Kim, I'm just glad that you're happy with the post :-) And thanks so much for the mention!

    This was an easy one :

    Unbearable Lightness of Being

    Once again I'm the lagger :-)

  • Kim 5.9.07

    yeah ...that is the only film Anna....I thought I'd make this one pretty simple.....
    hope your week is going well :)

    hi Diane
    haha and you're second with the answer too !!!!!
    have a great day :D

    yer all too too clever JB....
    hmmmmmmmm now I wonder whether I should make the next one a trick question haha....

    hiya Deborah
    my pleasure...the least that I could do for you gals !!!!!
    ahh well they say better late than never :D

  • Lisa Lorenz 5.9.07

    Hi Kim, The movie you promoted on PoeARTica is The Unbearable Lightness of Being. This is so much fun :) Every day I am on a treasure hunt! xoxoxo

  • Kim 5.9.07

    LOL Lisa....
    you're right it is like a treasure hunt ....and it's fun making up the questions too :D
    have a great day :)xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Anonymous 5.9.07

    Hi All

    I was hoping to be in here first today so it did not look as if I was copying :-) I was checking laketrees and not this one. Oh well.

    The Unbearable Lightness of Being - sounds interesting, I will look out for it.

  • Kim 5.9.07

    hi Sue
    I think I will alternate between laketrees and that I'm not doubling up...I am listing the questions at the top too...will have to modify as the list gets longer....
    great film...fairly old...but you might be lucky and find it down your way :)

  • Anonymous 7.9.07

    I'm on a bungee rope today lol

    Q6: Unbearable Lightness of Being I believe, well it's the only one I can find :)

  • Kim 9.9.07

    haha Colin...
    bit like that.....I hope it's not too confusing for you :D

  • Anonymous 10.9.07

    Oh Gosh, I have been late to your blog these days, actually I've been late to my blog these days too LOL so everyone already guessed and I remember you asked me to do a review on this one also! I will once my life is a bit more straightened out :) Kim, I am losing track of all of these awards I am getting these days :) thank you so much once again... you are really my Queen you know :)

  • Kim 10.9.07

    hi have a better memory than me LOL......
    I think it is awards I think I was given an award nearly every day last week :O