Music Monday and U2

Monday, 29 December 2008 20 responses

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20 responses: to “ Music Monday and U2 so far...

  • Ane Fallarme 29.12.08

    I love U2 and I love Bono! :D Thanks for sharing, I love this song, suits the holidays as well... :D Advance Happy New Year! :D

  • Amy Lilley Designs 29.12.08

    not a hoo...:)))

  • erick 29.12.08

    "new years day" Nice..nice...I like this song.Great Bono...get spirit for new year :D

  • Laura-Whateverebay 29.12.08

    U2 is a must have in your collection. Perfect! Happy New Year!!

  • Michelle Dawn 29.12.08

    U2 is a great band. Happy New Year

  • bonoriau 29.12.08

    another Great song...ROCK you!!!!! Happy new year

  • Kim 29.12.08

    I love U2 too Ane...
    thanks for dropping by and Happy New Year greetings to you :))

    oh Amy...
    lol...better luck next time ;)

    hi Erick
    you got the name of the song right ....grats!!!
    it certainly had me in the New Year spirit listening to it :))

    hi Laura...
    yeah...pretty great song to celebrate the New Year eh :)

  • Kim 29.12.08

    hi Michelle..
    thanks for dropping by :)
    Happy New Year to you too :)

    hi Bono..
    yeah and all I did was type in New Year at U tube :) ...too easy..
    Happy New Year ;)

  • LadyJava 29.12.08

    hahah.. no idea what song title.. but nice energetic song!

  • Ane Fallarme 29.12.08

    Hey Kim, thanks for the EC credits! :D Happy Happy New Year! :D

  • Kim 29.12.08

    lol LJ
    I'm sure Bono would be happy to that ;)

    you're welcome Ane...
    have a great week :)

  • Jane Turley 30.12.08

    This is one of my favourite U2 tracks... I loved the rawness of their earlier music.

    A great song! Happy New Year!:)

  • AMH615 30.12.08

    My hubby's favorite band of all time! His dream was to see them in concert and he got to about 5 years ago! Great song choice!

    BTW, I'm a MM newbie... I will be back! :)

  • Mariuca 31.12.08

    Wow Kim, u have 2 MM posts this week woot! ;)

  • Mariuca 31.12.08

    U2 is def one of my favourites and Bono has an awesome voice, love this week's pick! :)

  • Roxy's Best Of... 1.1.09

    Here to wish you a Happy New Year... all the best to you and your family for peace, health, and happiness in 2009.


  • Bernard J Rossi 1.1.09

    New Years day is the name but I am probably a little late. I would love to contribute some of my work to your site at some point and would love some info on how to be a guest poet and/or writer on your site.

    Bernard J Rossi
    Author & Poet

  • Mariuca 3.1.09

    And of course I didn't forget Poeartica! Happy weekend to you and all ur readers here Kim. I'm gonna make it a lazy one for me. :):):)

  • Poker 20.1.09

    Who doesn't have any U2 cd at home?
    we even have some at work!!

  • dedicated 16.2.09

    I love U2