Thanks to my Top Ten EC Droppers for November

Sunday, 30 November 2008 31 responses

thank you for dropping at PoeARTica :))

Picture to People
Multiply themes / marviepons
Symphony of Love
Photography by KML
Mariuca's Perfume Gallery
Scraps of Mind
My Big World of Crap
Wishing On A Falling Star

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31 responses: to “ Thanks to my Top Ten EC Droppers for November so far...

  • BK 1.12.08

    You are most welcome. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  • Mariuca 1.12.08

    YAY!!! I am on the list woo hoo! Shall continue to drop here everyday he he! Love ya! :):):)

  • Kim 1.12.08

    thanks BK
    and a wonderful week to you too :)

    haha Mariuca
    you are the super duper dropper (and commentator) at all my blogs ..
    thanks so much :))
    see ya on my drops :)

  • marviepons 3.12.08

    Hi Kim, thanks for the link :)

  • Mariuca 4.12.08

    Ha ha ha! That sounds fantastic Kim, love being tops at all ur blogs! :):):)

  • Kim 4.12.08

    you're welcome Marviepons :))

    :) Mariuca :)
    have a terrific Thursday :))

  • Mariuca 5.12.08

    Hola Kim! It's already Friday so happy weekend to you and me! Monday is a holiday for us, so it's a long weekend for me woo hoo! :):):)

  • Shinade 5.12.08

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for your wonderful comment. I am still having technical difficulties with my satellites and going crazy.

    It's still Thursday here and no holiday either.

    Happy weekend to you guys!!:-)

  • This Makes My Day 6.12.08

    Hi Kim,

    I stop by to wish you a nice weekend.

  • Mariuca 6.12.08

    Kim! This is so cool, you are at MPG's EC today and MPG is here at your EC woo hoo! :):):)

  • Shinade 7.12.08

    Oh wow I see myself at the bottom of your list...I am in tears with joy.

    And I did it while having all of these problems too!

  • Shinade 7.12.08

    See you in just a few minutes at Tad and laketrees.

    I hear Birthday wishes are in order for someone very special!:-)

  • Kim 7.12.08

    have a great long weekend Mariuca..
    it's wonderful to see MPG's card on PoeARTica !!!

    hi Jackie...
    yay it's good to see you on my EC top 20!!!
    thanks...I had a lovely lunch and went to see four Christmases with my Mum and Charlotte
    have a lovely weekend :))

    hello TMMD
    thanks :)..
    you have a really great weekend too :))

  • Speedcat Hollydale 7.12.08

    I am really amazed at the amount of cards dropped by some people ... I think they have assistants!

    Ha haaaaaaaaaa! I dropped one here today (smile)

  • Mariuca 7.12.08

    LOL! Eric is funny! How I wish I had an assistant to help me drop EC! ;)

  • Mariuca 7.12.08

    Hey Kim, you are my first EC drop for both my blogs today YAY! :):):)

  • Kim 11.12.08

    hey Speedy
    me too !!!!

    hi Mariuca
    my net was down for most of the day yesterday..
    so have to catch up today...
    hope your cold is better :))

  • Simple Delights 14.12.08

    dropped ec here :)

  • motherhood 14.12.08

    you're blessed to have loyal ec droppers

  • Mariuca 16.12.08

    See? Told ya I'll visit here too! Happy Monday. :):):)

  • Mariuca 16.12.08

    Hope to be on ur TD list this month too. :)

  • Mariuca 19.12.08

    Hi Kim!! Here with Mariuca now! :)

  • Mariuca 19.12.08

    My connection is so speedy today! I'm done with MPG and finishing up for Mariuca...and it's only 9.18pm yeeha! :)

  • Mariuca 19.12.08

    See ya in a bit at laketrees, am still waiting for ur comment box to load. ;)

  • Wayne John 26.12.08

    Best wishes for you and your family, Merry Christmas!

  • Mariuca 26.12.08

    TGIF! Have a great weekend Kim. :)

  • Pire 26.12.08


  • Mariuca 28.12.08

    Hi Kim! I hope to improve my position here for Dec! :):):)

  • Kim 28.12.08

    thanks everyone for your comments :))
    still super busy packing :0
    lol Mariuca
    you are in number 1 and 2 positions :)))

  • Mario Rossi 29.12.08

    This is an interesting post, I have been searching for a top ten EC droppers I will give this a try out over the next few week, thanks for sharing

  • bandisusi 7.1.09

    Very interesting. I will try to become your top dropper next..