Wedding Cake Toppers

Monday 10 September 2012 0 responses

Here we are at my nephew's wedding. The long awaited time has come (he's pushing forty). The right woman finally got him to the altar. It just so happens that I lost a wager with my wife. I would have bet anything that this day would never come. Win some. Lose some. In an attempt to recoup my losses, I bet her that my nephew would act exremely conservative and float through the evening practically unnoticed and the affair would prove to be a bit blaze'. As it turned out, I was about to double my losses when I took a gander of of the cake. He selected one of the wedding cake toppers that humorously depicted his bride lassoing him and dragging him to the nuptials. The attendees at the event took the lead and it became a raucous party.

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