Wednesday 23 November 2011 0 responses

The Author of this post is Velma Baird

When my grandkids come over it is always so hectic. They love to play in the yard and chase the dog. Sometimes they kick around a ball or dig holes in the dirt. They like to go in the “woods” and hide. What they call woods is just a small strip of trees inside my fenced-in yard. They really cannot go anywhere so I don’t worry. They usually stay for a couple weeks in the summer. We have what I call Grand Camp. We have breakfast and then try to do an outside activity like go swimming at the community pool in town. Then we will come home and have lunch. Sometimes we eat outside on a blanket in the yard. We try to make each day completely different so they won’t get too bored. I want them to have fun memories of visiting me when they grow up. After lunch they are pretty tired and usually take a nap. After their nap, we try to do something on the patio making some type of craft or drawing with sidewalk chalk. Some days the weather does not cooperate, and the rain just pores down. That is when I am glad I have so they can get online and play games or look at that Sesame Street website. I am amazed what is available these days. We certainly did not have all that when their mother was growing up.

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