What Do Your Stars Say About You?

Thursday, 13 August 2009 16 responses

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog
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I just found this over at Jackie's blog The Painted Veil and thought I would take a break to see what my stars say...

Jackie found the quizz at her friend Bill's blog My Piece Of Paradise.

Talking of quizzes and competitions be sure to check these out!!!

Mariuca is having a Win a Free Perfume Contest at Mariuca's Perfume Gallery
I hope to enter before the end of the month

another exciting giveaway is at Also Mommy where TH is giving away a SIY and more!!
I hope to enter this contest too....

16 responses: to “ What Do Your Stars Say About You? so far...

  • Mariuca 13.8.09

    ROAR! U are a mighty lion Kim! Hey did I miss ur birthday? I hope not, when is the exact date again Kim? I have so many birthdays to remember in August lol!

  • Mariuca 13.8.09

    I am down with a terrible cold today Kim! Seriously no mood to drop also been coughing the whole night boo hoo! :(

  • Mariuca 13.8.09

    i think B gave me his fever oh no...he was on medical leave for the past 3 days, and I've been taking care of him so now it's my turn to fall sick! :(

  • Mariuca 13.8.09

    Oh yay, I'll be waiting for ur contest entry then Kim and don worry, contest ends on the 29th, plenty of time to join yay! :)

  • Mariuca 13.8.09

    And before I forget, OH MY!!!!!! The portrait does look like me hehehehehehhe!!!! Looks just like the pic, you are so talented Kim! :):):)

  • Kim 19.8.09

    ohhh Mariuca..
    looks like Charlie and I have caught your illness ..
    we have been sick since Monday :((
    and it started with a terrible cough and fever....now I have the sniffles...and I think it's going to turn into a cold..

  • Jackie 28.8.09

    Awwwww...Leo the lion no wonder we get along so well together. I am Aquarius as you already know and Leo is one of only a few that is compatible with Aquarius.

    Wow thanks for the mention Kim. I have been neglecting this blog and I apologize.

    But, those days are behind us now. I shall be here as much as possible again!!

    We are rainy again today. I am hoping to be able to keep my signal all day.

    And yayyyyy I woke up feeling so much better today!!

    I hope you have a great day when you arise!!

    Jackie XX:-)

  • Online Poker 29.8.09

    Wow thanks for the mention Kim. I have caught your illness ..
    we have been sick since Thursday. and I really enjoyed the post.

  • Mariuca 3.9.09

    Hi Kim!!! Dropping EC before it's time to break my fast here! :)

  • Mariuca 3.9.09

    Have a terrific Thursday, almost lazy weekend time!

  • moratmarit 14.9.09

    I hope you have a great day when you arise!! Regard

  • Star Kollektion 14.9.09

    Who cares what the stars say about me? As long as they make their own kollektion, i don't care...:-)

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  • Admin T.H 21.9.09

    wow this if fun! :)

  • Admin T.H 21.9.09

    just saw the archieve wow.. this blog started since 2007 :)

  • Emmanuel 30.11.09

    I took the horoscope quiz you posted here...was fun...I see you are a great talker..and my results were Gemini Irresistible...now I don't really believe in this stuff but it's fun..so I took it...and btw do you have any newer links to free perfume contests...cause considering how old this post is I am guessing that the competition mentioned in this post has been finished long time ago...