Archibald Prize - 2009 - People's Choice Winner

Wednesday 27 May 2009 7 responses

2009 People's Choice winner
Vincent Fantauzzo


Melbourne artist, Vincent Fantauzzo has won the 2009 Archibald People’s Choice Prize for his portrait of child actor Brandon Walters.

Vincent Fantauzzo was highly commended at last year’s Archibald Prize for his triple-image portrait of his friend Heath Ledger, painted just weeks before the actor’s death. The painting also won the People’s Choice Award.


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  • Amy Lilley Designs 28.5.09

    This portrait is can see the depth of this beautiful soul thru his eyes...a great choice indeed... a BIG congrats to the artist...:)))

  • Kim 28.5.09

    gorgeous isn't it Amy...
    I saw the portrait IRL at the NSW gallery last month and it was my choice....
    and after seeing the young boy in the film Australia..I agree ..the artist has definitely captured his soul

  • Josh C 30.5.09

    I had never heard of him before. Wow his art really is great. I will keep an eye out for future work.

  • Mariuca 1.6.09

    YAY! I am ur TD for May Kim? Woo hoo! :):):)

  • Mariuca 1.6.09

    Thank you for featuring my blogs here Kim, what a lovely view! :)

  • Kim 1.6.09

    hi Josh
    he's a brilliant artist and I'm sure we'll see a lot more of him and his portraits :)

    you're top of the pops Mariuca ;)
    and it's a pleasure to have your pretty badges featured all in a row..
    thank you for your continued support and friendship xxx
    have a lovely evening :)

  • John 13.6.09

    excellent portrait
    look the depth of the eyes.