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The upper pond is frozen, the waterfall has ceased

Goldfish swim nervously in the lower catchment

Magpies rip at the ground searching for worms

Numbed by the frost and unable to escape

Naked trees shiver, waiting for a warmer sun

New buds form on optimistic branches

Ready for a show in the spring

One week too late, we head to the tropics

Where the only ice is floating in our drinks

And the effortless warmth fills our bones.

Yesterday’s layers of heavy clothes

Have become figments of our imagination

The biting cold of home

Is a distant memory unrecalled

Flimsy swimwear is the costume of choice

Tourists swarm poolside like European wasps

Dipping into water for their next drink

This is the land where love is encouraged

Where the sun encourages new romance

Between old lovers who still hold the flame

And need no encouragement whatsoever

© Bernard J Rossi
Author & Poet

Bernard J. Rossi has been writing in one form or another for almost 30 years and over that time his writing experiences have been in many diverse areas including technical, short stories, poems and a number of books.
His first short story published was Michael’s Birthday (1991).
Bernard has poems published in many anthologies, most notably “The International Who’s Who in Poetry” and another international publication, “The Best Poems and Poets of 2007.”
His most recent achievements in writing longer works have been the publication of Room 22 in late 2007 and Arlington Reef in early 2008 and Bernard has two completed manuscripts awaiting publication, The Bloodline and The Spiral, which is the sequel to Room 22.
Bernard’s latest work is different from all his previous works and is an exciting move into an intriguing direction.

Bernard J Rossi
Room 22
Arlington Reef

9 responses: to “ Escaping so far...

  • Anonymous 16.3.09

    this is a beautifuk poem. thanks for sharing.

  • Bernard J Rossi 17.3.09

    Thanks Lisa, it must be getting close to nine or ten months now since I wrote this one as over here the temperature is starting to drop again and we will soon be seeing ice in the fish pond once more (and we have our tropical holiday booked!)


  • Mariuca 17.3.09

    I feel like escaping too sometimes. :)

  • Mariuca 17.3.09

    Thanks for all ur cheery comments at my site Kim, u're da best! HUGS! :):):)

  • Jackie 21.3.09

    Beautiful poem and could be interpreted in more than the literal sense.

    The shedding of the heaviness of past burdens and the hope for new happiness, warmth and love.

    Lovely Kim!!:-)

  • Bernard J Rossi 23.3.09

    Thanks Shinade, it is encouraging that you can see more than the literal sense in this poem. I like to put as much into each poem as I can and that usually means allowing the reader to interpret it in many ways, often based on their own experience of course.

    Mariuca, I try to escape every winter whether I need to or not!


  • Anonymous 26.3.09

    I feel like escaping too sometimes. :)

  • Anonymous 26.3.09

    Beautiful Poem! Love it!

  • Bernard J Rossi 14.4.09

    Flash, escape is a wonderful thing, as long as we remember to come back!!

    Scentsy, thanks for the kind words,