Sydney welcomes James Bond

Sunday 16 November 2008 23 responses

Quantam of Solace

James Bond star Daniel Craig has greeted hundreds of excited fans at the Australian premiere in Sydney of the new Bond film Quantam of Solace, accompanied by his stunning co-star Olga Kurylenko.
Craig says he would love to film a 007 movie in Australia.
Bond spends much of his time visiting exotic locations and Craig says he would love it if Australia was included in a future film.
A host of Australian stars turned out for the premiere including Rove McManus, Megan Gale, Andy Lee, Ruby Rose, Jason Dundas and Nash Edgerton.
Quantum Of Solace is the 22nd Bond movie, with Craig returning for a second appearance as 007 following Casino Royale. It opens nationally on November 19.

Craig says he would love to film a 007 movie in Australia (AAP: Tracey Nearmy)

23 responses: to “ Sydney welcomes James Bond so far...

  • Jackie 17.11.08

    Ewwwwww....very nice!! I think he is very sexy!!:-)))

  • Mariuca 17.11.08

    Oh wow! Mr. Bond himself in Sydney, you guys must be abuzz with excitement! :):):)

  • Kim 17.11.08

    he's a hottie Jackie ;)

    I would have loved to have seen him 'in the flesh'...Mariuca....but seeing the TV interview was pretty good :))

  • Anonymous 18.11.08

    This movie is getting some good reviews from my friends...I could have went on Friday but I was just too tired. What series, to last this long, I'm sure Ian Fleming had no idea back in the day!

  • Anonymous 20.11.08

    I never thought of that before but no bondmovie have been filmed in Australia. Thats really a shame. I mean Australia has everything to offer and seems perfect for a bondmovie.

  • Mariuca 21.11.08

    Hi Kim! Dropping off MPG for the day, happy weekend to u and me! :D

  • This Makes My Day 22.11.08

    I like to see this movie very soon too, great actor.
    I hope that the next movie will be made in Australia, that would be nice like John said.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Kim 22.11.08

    hi Maya
    I'm sure Ian Flemming had no idea :)
    have a great weekend :))

    hello John...
    I think Australia would be a great location for a Bond movie...that's a terrific suggestion :)

    hello Mariuca
    a sunny weekend to you and B too :)
    it's freezing over here today brrrr

    hi TMMD
    I want to see it too ...perhaps tomorrow :))
    have a great weekend too :))

  • Mariuca 22.11.08

    Freezing Kim?? Oh I'd love to be in SYdney right now then, just love the cold weather, since we experience summer all year long here! :):):)

  • Mariuca 22.11.08

    I hope u're having a nice relaxing Saturday with C. I am going to wake B up in a bit, he's taking a catnap and then off we go for an early dinner, see ya later! :)

  • Kim 22.11.08

    you would love Tasmania Mariuca :)
    it's always cold down there :0
    have a yummo dinner with B :))

    lol catnap....
    and do your cats take 'kidnaps' :D

  • This Makes My Day 23.11.08

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for your comment on the short film of madame Tutli Putli. I'm sure you'll like it! It's a short movie of +/- 16 minutes.

    Have a good weekend!

  • Mariuca 25.11.08

    Hi Kim, here today too! Dropping both ECs here. :)

  • Jackie 27.11.08

    Hi Kim,
    Finally I am fixed and up and running!!

    I missed everyone so so much!!:-)

  • Kim 27.11.08

    you're welcome TMMD :))

    hi Mariuca
    you are such a busy bee...thanks sooo much for your EC drops :))

    hi Jackie
    I've been off the computer taking a break so I'm glad to hear that you are up and running again :))

  • Anonymous 3.12.08

    This month is my month, here's to hoping! Cheers!

  • Anonymous 4.12.08

    I really like Quantum of Solace. Great actuion and locations. I recomend it!

  • Kim 4.12.08

    thanks for calling by Wayne..
    have a good December ;)

    still haven't had a chance to see it Stanley ...maybe this weekend :)

  • Anonymous 27.12.08

    The pics are great and so is the Wording you wrote on it. More over I liked the comments too...

  • Anonymous 31.12.08

    i have yet to see this movie. Its on my to do list in the next 30 days!

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