Archibald Finalists and Winner - 2008

Friday, 7 March 2008 5 responses

Archibald Winner - 2008

My Pick for this year -
Heath Ledger makes striking image for Archibald Prize

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Artist Martin Ball From Auckland Wins Packing Room Prize
Martin Ball, Neil Finn, 2008 Packing Room Prize winner.

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5 responses: to “ Archibald Finalists and Winner - 2008 so far...

  • Anonymous 1.3.08

    I have really enjoyed seeing the Archibald finalists' work - what an amazingly high standard. I would love to see them in the flesh (so to speak). The variety of styles and obvious skill of the artists is truly wonderful.

    Thank you so much for the link... :-)

  • Kim 1.3.08

    they're great aren't they Diane ..
    Mum and I will probably go to see the exhibition (along with the Moran Portrait Prize) IRL...
    they announce the winner next Friday and I will probably post it at laketrees...
    have a lovely day...especially tomorrow :)

  • Anonymous 2.3.08

    Yes, I also got to say thanks for the link...:) Only thanks.. in next time peace of chocolate from me.. trying to joke :)

  • Anonymous 4.3.08

    I was just checking out the portraits again and I realise that the portrait I thought was Johnny Depp is in fact Heath Ledger - oops!

    I love Neil Finn - I have all his albums and Crowded House are one of my all time favourite bands!

    The portraits are all so different it's hard to know how you would pick just one - I like so many :)

  • Kim 4.3.08

    you're welcome Troy :)
    thanks for calling by :)

    well Heath Ledger had a similar style so you are excused Diane..
    the Artist's are expected to paint Australians only...(famous) or alternatively a self portrait..
    a lot of the time ..the best portrait doesn't win as it is so subjective... :0
    ps crowded too lol