I nEEd a tITle

Saturday 26 May 2007 7 responses

pOEm # 1

Girl in a leotard
will you dance Swan Lake
tonight or when you're thirty two?
Will you sign autographs for girls
who wear pink satin shoes
and dance
in their Sleeping Beauty dreams?
On this stage
you do not see those who
prance and parade infinitely
on their champagne carpet feet
towards reflections of themselves.
You do not hear them
gabbling, groping toward
your flower-infested dressing room
You sign their two dollar programs
and brush their soft, plump, rosy cheeks
as they claw
cackling in their society-stiff dresses.
Who will they adore
next week?
Will you be on their
top forty list next year or
will your shoes be kept
like blankets in plastic bags?
Will they recognize
this girl
in a leotard
who glances
at a mirage of life?

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