Any one can be an Artist !!!!!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007 15 responses

Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas
Create your own work of art inspired by the great master, Jackson Pollock. Drag your cursor across the screen to create a masterpiece! Clicking your mouse button changes colors and pressing space erases your drawing. If you get bored, check out the new

have fun........

Question # 13
Who is the Guest Poet here at PoeARTica?

Question # 14
Which Contributor wrote "Through The Eyes Of A Child"?

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15 responses: to “ Any one can be an Artist !!!!! so far...

  • Diane 12.9.07

    That is such fun! Even I managed to make a cool picture!

    I think the answers to the latest questions are Jan Dean is the Guest Poet and Anna Webber Anderson wrote 'Through the Eyes of a Child'.

  • Kim 12.9.07

    hi Diane
    it's rather addictive isn't it ....
    I quite like the black and white designs......
    and you're right on both questions :)

  • Lisa Lorenz 12.9.07

    Hi Kim, Oh this Pollock thing is so cool. Really cool how you find these things.

    I believe Jan Dean is the guest poet and Anna Webber Anderson wrote "throught the eyes of a child" - Wonderful poem.
    Have a great day Kim, xoxoxo

  • Kim 12.9.07

    it's great isn't it.....Lisa
    ...I'd love to do some of these in real life.....haha......and good detective work on the questions too :)....
    3 days and you will be flying home woo hoo !!!!

  • Saboma 12.9.07

    I promise that you don't want to see my online creation, teehee! Mine held a continuum and of course its message was a bright one! Was my master piece enlightening? Nope, but I had fun scribbling my pitifully deficient artistic nature upon it. :D

    Jan Dean and Anna Webber Anderson are the answers to the posited queries. ^5s to both diane and lisa

  • Kim 12.9.07

    ahhh MA...
    I'm sure it was a masterpiece.....that only the wild child could paint.....I can just imagine the wild colours LOL....

  • Saboma 12.9.07


    I saved you the grief, JB. It was a nightmare but a fully awake nightmare, not awakened or awakening, either. IT was a nightmare while I was fully awake.

    still drinking strong coffee at 3:02 am PSDT. I'm about ready to meet up with Mr Sandman and call it a night, though.

    Don't tell him I said this but he's one hot number. He can float my boat most anytime he arrives, too. >:o)

  • Kim 12.9.07

    I think you have a case of Deborahitis.......3 am !!!!!
    it's 10pm here and I'm nodding off.... :D zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous 13.9.07

    Jan Dean & 'Me', lol.

    Hey Kim;
    It's getting tough to keep up with all this, haha. I'm pretty sure I missed a few!!

    Hope you are having a great afternoon!

    PS and thanks, Lisa for the nice comment about 'Through The Eyes of a Child'

    Take care;

  • Sueblimely 13.9.07

    Hi all
    I nearly forgot to answer the questions, I became engrossed in impersonating Jackson Pollock. I found Blue Poles hard to do though, the brush size kept changing and it ended up being more like Multi Colored Blobs :-)
    Your guest poet is Jan Dean and Anna Webber Anderson wrote "Through the Eyes of a Child"

  • Kim 13.9.07

    hi Anna I knew you would get this one haha.....I'm posting the questions in a list in the sidebars for easier navigation...past the halfway mark now :)

    hi Sue
    yeah the hardest thing is knowing when to so easy to keep putting more marks on.....I can sympathise with poor Pollock....:D

  • Deborah 14.9.07

    Haha, 'Deborahitis', too funny.

    Couldn't get the thingy to work for me for some reason.

    Answers are Jan Dean, and the touching poem Through the Eyes of a Child was by our one and only Anna Webber-Anderson.

  • Kim 15.9.07

    ah Deborah....
    it has been contrary and you need to click on it to activate it....
    thanks for your answers..... :)

  • 0s0-Pa 20.9.07

    i love artwork and i am a huge fan of photograpy. i have been inspired by a utah photographer that took amazing pictures of my brothers wedding and now i just wanna take pictures of everything.

  • Kim 20.9.07

    that's great 0s0-Pa
    very nice photgraphy there :)