My shoes are wet

Monday, 11 May 2009 5 responses

My shoes are wet

A leaf on the wind

Travelling where it is blown

Free to manoeuvre at will

Landing softly at is chosen location

An idea in a drop of rain

Exploding when it hits the pavement

Releasing its genius upon the world

Through a man with wet shoes

A tiny butterfly suspended

Using the breeze to survive

Fires a man’s imagination

Giving him new hope

The soft touch of an innocent arm

Sending shock waves through the body

A signal read for what it is,

Or what it is not

The ocean’s current

Sailing the vast expanses of the earth

Carrying with it the base of all life

And the occasional sailors dream

The dream itself arriving at night

Yet so much stronger through the day

As it moves from a man’s head

Into his heart and soul

A decision made for the wrong reasons

Never leaving a man alone

Haunting him until it destroys the very idea

Leaving him to fail once more

Feelings never spoken of

Bring even the toughest men to their knees

Letting the world see them for who they are

And leaving them stronger

Love seeking the brave

Cupid’s arrow searching for an open target

Shot through the heart in a fatal act

Bringing new life from death

Words flowing on paper

Supplying knowledge and understanding

And replacing Cupid’s arrow

To those who remain open

A thought spilled in ink

Ramblings to those not listening

Takes lovers to new worlds

And spawns new life

One small grain of sand

Lies on the winter beach unnoticed

And in it exists the power

To change the world

An idea in a drop of rain

Exploding when it hits the pavement

Releasing its genius upon the world

Through a man with wet shoes

© Bernard J Rossi
Author & Poet

Bernard J. Rossi has been writing in one form or another for almost 30 years and over that time his writing experiences have been in many diverse areas including technical, short stories, poems and a number of books.
His first short story published was Michael’s Birthday (1991).
Bernard has poems published in many anthologies, most notably “The International Who’s Who in Poetry” and another international publication, “The Best Poems and Poets of 2007.”
His most recent achievements in writing longer works have been the publication of Room 22 in late 2007 and Arlington Reef in early 2008 and Bernard has two completed manuscripts awaiting publication, The Bloodline and The Spiral, which is the sequel to Room 22.
Bernard’s latest work is different from all his previous works and is an exciting move into an intriguing direction.

Bernard J Rossi
Room 22
Arlington Reef

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  • Mariuca 12.5.09

    Morning Kim!

  • Mariuca 12.5.09

    Dropping EC here as usual! And thanks so much for the credits sweetie woo hoo! Will chop away whenever I can of coz lol! :):):)

  • Helen 19.5.09

    Beautiful lyrics. I started to write songs three years ago and I have already wrote 3 notebook. I get inspiration mostly in the village of grandmothers. I will maybe publish a collection of songs, but slowly, I have time.

  • online tutor 21.5.09

    Everything irrespective of its physical importance matters a lot and affects our surrounding in many ways. It depends upon us how we see those immaterialist things.

  • John 13.6.09

    another wonderful poem..
    wish I also can write such poems.