Tuesday, 5 August 2008 5 responses

It's a Twister


"Henry! Henry! I can't find Dorothy! She's somewhere out in the storm!" cries Vogue's Auntie Em, actress Alba Clemente, to Uncle Henry (her husband, the painter Francesco Clemente). Vera Wang snow-white embroidered dress.

Photo: Annie Leibovitz

View the sideshow here


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5 responses: to “ VOGUE: THE WIZARD OF OZ so far...

  • Nothinglikeit 17.8.08

    I LOVED that slide show. I'm not a huge fan of fashion magazines but that was delightful!

  • Kim 17.8.08

    hi Robin...
    I loved it too....
    very artistic...and I like the way they have used 'real' people as well :)

  • tam ski 5.12.08

    Brilliant image - Annie Leibovitz is a fantastic photographer.

  • Serbian finder 22.1.09

    Hi all...
    I would like to say that the magazine's slideshow is superb...really one of the best in recent days... the artistic approach of the artist shows in it...

  • Nena 20.10.09

    Looks So beautiful and Artistic i really enjoy the whole slideshow