Will Heath Ledger win a posthumous Oscar?

Sunday, 13 July 2008 20 responses

Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight.

Oscar buzz about Ledger's Joker
Garry Maddox Film Writer
July 3, 2008
FIVE months after Heath Ledger's death, his performance as the Joker in the new Batman movie has been winning rave reviews.
"If there's a movement to get him the first posthumous [acting] Oscar since Peter Finch won for 1976's Network, sign me up."
As well as Finch, posthumous Oscar nominations have gone to James Dean for East Of Eden and Giant, Spencer Tracy for Guess Who's Coming To Dinner and Massimo Troisi for Il Postino. [more]

Network (1976)
Not since the dawn of time has America experienced a man like Howard Beale! [more]

Ledger's Joker remembered
Dark Knight actors Christian Bale and Aaron Eckhart pay tribute to Heath Ledger's final performance.

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20 responses: to “ Will Heath Ledger win a posthumous Oscar? so far...

  • Ray Sherman 13.7.08

    It would seem very likely that Heath Ledger will get a posthumous Oscar. Unless the character completely crumbles or the other actors do not jive together it seems very likely Joker Heath will be presented this award.
    The movie trailers are brilliant. I expect the movie will live up to it's hype for a long time. Is it the 18th yet?!?!

  • Broadway Matron 13.7.08

    Of course Heath Ledger will get the Oscar - is there any doubt?

  • :-) MaryLou 14.7.08

    I'm right there with you in hoping that Heath Ledger receives an Oscar. He had great range and talent, and I was looking forward to watching him perform for many years to come. It's so sad that his life was cut short.

  • Deborah 14.7.08

    I do hope Heath wins the Oscar for his performance in 'The Dark Knight'. I think Heath deserved the Oscar for 'Brokeback Mountain'. Surely the Academy can't deny him this time.

    The Dark Knight movie opens this week in Australia and I will be going to see it with my teenage boys - I've heard the rave reviews and I am looking forward to it.

  • ExpandForFree 14.7.08

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  • Kim 14.7.08

    hi Ray..
    I agree the movie trailers are brilliant !!
    the premiere is on Wednesday 16th at the local cinema. :)

    hi Broadway Matron
    no doubt whatsoever..lol

    hi MaryLou
    it is sad...terribly sad...
    I think this movie will definitely be his swansong...

    hi Deborah..
    my son and his girlfriend are going to the 12.00 noon session.. :)
    they can't wait until the evening..lol..
    enjoy the movie :) :)

    hi ExpandForFree
    will check out your blog :)

  • Netta 15.7.08

    Heath's death is one of the greatest losses to Hollywood ever. I can't wait to see the movie. I'd watch him in a Tide commercial.

    Hopefully, the Academy will give him his due.

  • Kim 15.7.08

    hi Netta..
    I think he will definitely be up for one judging from the latest news...

  • Kim 15.7.08

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  • Gary R. Hess 17.7.08

    He will win the Oscar and I think it is a shame--hear me out.

    If he were still alive, do you honestly think there would be Oscar talk BEFORE the movie is even released publicly?

    It seems many who haven't even watched the movie yet are the same people screaming for his Oscar.

    Personally, from what I have seen through the many trailers and clips on talk shows, I feel that his acting is sub-par. The only thing that makes his character worth watching great costume and makeup work and great directing.

    So if anything, the makeup crew should win the Oscar, not Heath Ledger. But sadly, Ledger will get the Oscar this year even though he won't fully deserve it.

    Why take the award away from someone who actually deserves the Oscar? Now that is what isn't fair. Just because he died of a tragic accident doesn't mean he should be rewarded through his job.

    And for what it's worth, Jack Nicholson made the Joker what it is today. Without him, I doubt the character would even be in The Dark Knight.

    BTW, Jack Nicholson did not win the Oscar for his character.

  • Ray Sherman 17.7.08

    While I think it's likely he'll win the award, I think it's insane how people start talking about it so soon. Especially before the movie has been released! While I do not feel his acting was "sub par" judging by the trailers, I don't believe that anyone can possibly make a realistic judgement on anyone's entire performance based on a trailer. It would be nice if he got the award, but who really wants it? The fans or his family? I think the fans.

    Kim, what did your son and his girlfriend think of the movie? We are dying to hear!


  • Kim 17.7.08

    hi Gary..
    Heath Ledger's makeup looks incredible and I agree that the makeup people deserve an Oscar...
    I'm unable to make an opinion on Heath Ledger's performance as I haven't seen the film yet :)
    but I did see Jack Nicholson's performance and it was definitely Oscar worthy...

    hi Ray..
    they loved it!!!
    Alexander wants to see it again....
    he didn't tell me too much about the plot though as I don't want to know what happens :)
    I do think the decision to award Heath with an Oscar will be very subjective...
    unfortunately....the tragedy of his sudden death and short but brilliant acting career could have an influence on the final selection..

  • Mariuca 17.7.08

    Hi Kim! Just doing my EC rounds and decided to give u some comment love here. Hope u're having a good week, the wekeend is almost here! :)

  • Kim 17.7.08

    thank you Mariuca...
    I've had a busy week... I don't know where the time has gone !!!

  • Happy Panda 17.7.08

    He looks kinda scary in this movie! LOL

  • Sassy Mama Bear 18.7.08

    We plan to see the movie this weekend and I am hoping that the character lives up to all that it caused. They say Heath had so much difficulty with the darkness the Joker required from him.
    An Oscar may be good, but I think it is just important to remember this young man for his great talent in all the work he has done.

  • Kim 18.7.08

    he certainly does Happy Panda :)

    very true Mama Bear...
    I'm going to see the film tonight...
    enjoy your weekend :)

  • Justin 20.7.08

    I haven't seen the movie yet, but I have been a huge batman fan since I was a youngster. I can tell you that from the clips I have seen of the Joker the role finally seems to be delivered in the proper manner. The Ledger situation was a tragedy. I hope he wins the oscar - for whatever that's worth now.

  • Cirtex 26.7.08

    He has all the quality to claim for the Oscar.

  • Anonymous 27.7.08

    i saw the movie today, and he definetly deserves the oscar.