Wednesday, 4 June 2008 3 responses

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big thanks to the gorgeous Catsy @ Catsy Carpe Diem for tagging me with this meme to increase your stats and readers
if you haven't joined up over at Mel's @ Attitude, the Ultimate Power then join up now !!!!

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3 responses: to “ tHE bIG bANG mEME so far...

  • jul 18.2.08

    I did really enjoy reading this article.It was great!

  • Monday Morning Power 2.6.08

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for keeping the Big Bang current. I would really like to get it to 1,000 sites. We are so close.

    BTW, I have another one in mind. It's about 6-8 weeks out. Let me know if you would interested in being in on the initial launch.

    Thanks again.

  • Kim 2.6.08

    thanks Jul :)

    my pleasure Mel..
    I'm definitely interested !!!!