Win a FREE portrait for Christmas 2 !!!!!

Monday, 22 October 2007 6 responses

Win a FREE portrait for Christmas

In conjunction with Santa and Santa's Elf Club my next competition will run until the 21st November....

Here's what you need to do to win a portrait of your choice......

step 1

Enter Santa's competition called Christmas Past...
Santa' Elf Club Blog.

Email your photo and details to Santa here

Don't forget to get all your friends to comment on your entry at Santa's blog

step 2

Pop over to laketrees to tell me in 100 words or less your choice for the ...yourself...grandma....your child....great aunt Betty etc...and why you deserve to need to post your blurb in the comments section at laketrees post to be eligible...

step 3

The judge (TBA) will choose the winning entry at Santas and the best story at laketrees.....
The winner will be announced on 21st November...

So start getting out your photos of Christmas Past (or stories).....and start thinking about who you are going to choose for your free portrait......

Portrait value $400
(Postage Paid)
42cm x 60cm on Arches Paper

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6 responses: to “ Win a FREE portrait for Christmas 2 !!!!! so far...

  • Lynda Lehmann 23.10.07

    Kim, you are SO talented! How do find time to do all this?

  • Kim 23.10.07

    thanks Lynda....
    I don't sleep....haha ...only joking :D
    at present I'm not doing much painting (and I should be LOL)

  • BoydGreeneArt 24.10.07

    A portrait, truly one of the greatest gifts that could be given at Christmas as it is a likeness in so many ways that teaches the sitter about themselves.

  • Kim 24.10.07

    so true Boyd :)
    and beautifully said...
    thanks for stopping by ...:)

  • Mig 25.10.07

    These portraits are amazing! I like Deb's soo much. She looks like a country girl with golden locks. :)
    You truly have a gift!

  • Kim 25.10.07

    thanks Mig....
    yes Deborah's hair was a dream to draw..... :)
    thanks for stopping by :)